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How to use a virtual address for your company?

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Are you a freelancer, director, professional agent, or business enthusiast wishing to set up your business properly? Then you know that companies must have a central business location, and having a virtual business address is the best way to get access to a business location without the overhead of a standard office.

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Apr 3, 23 · 8 min read
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When it’s time for you to make your digital presence known, one of the first things you’ll do is make an official virtual webpage to show off your services. And when you want to show off your company, the business address of your office is one of the most crucial things to list. It makes the company or business look professional, makes the company website look complete, and can give a client access to a better idea of who they’re working with or might be meeting with in the future, even in a virtual or digital environment. 

A virtual business mail address can be a huge plus for any digital company, regardless of the service they’re offering, and it’s particularly great for any company whose employees work from residential locations, like the house or a home office.

Most professional entrepreneurs, small business owners and directors prefer to start by growing an official online audience. Then, once they have completed the formation of a following, they will introduce their business after being registered

But no matter what service or product your company offers, you need to add all important business details to look official to your clients. Items such as the phone numberemail, and others are great for virtual advancement in the business realm for your company

The addition of a company address is one of the key features for any company to receive more business, and is arguably just as important as an email address or a phone number. And that’s why a virtual company address is so important in the modern business era—for any company.

Scroll down this guide to find out how you can usevirtual address for your company.

What is a virtual company address?

By hearing the phrase virtual company office address or virtual business address, it’s easy to think that the virtual address is imaginary, but that's not the case. Whether it's in London or anywhere else, a virtual business address must be an existing street address of the country you're located in, ensuring that you can receive any mail, package or post that comes to your company or companies. 

You need to usevirtual address as your professional reference place for your office. But a virtual company address is just as functional as it is useful. Any director or business agent can host a meeting with other companies, accept packages and mail, and use it as a registered business address.

Using a virtual office address gives companies a physical mail address without the large overhead costs or massive deposit that can come with a lease, or the administrative costs that typical office locations can come with.

business agent working from home, for example, might not feel comfortable putting their house addresses for receiving mail or some other services related to their company, and would rather add an office address. This is where the virtual company address comes in. 

virtual company address enables them to have a secure location to send a package, get mail, check the post, meet with clients or even meet with other employees. Clients will always favour a proficient-looking business with actual, official offices over one that runs their activities from a room or rooms within their home.

Why choose a virtual company address?

When it comes to looking like an official business, the best formation to go in would be an office—but that’s far from free and requires significant capital. But with a virtual company address, the business can be run online while still getting many of the benefits of a physical company address. And the great thing is, it significantly reduces overhead while still being a registered address. Working from home allows you to still work, communicate by answering email and have the phone for answering calls, but the virtual company address can allow for ordering products, getting mail or mail forwarding, working with other companies, or receiving any other service, letting you be free from handing out your personal address. It gives you some room to breathe when it comes to your company life and private life.

Advantages and disadvantages of a virtual company address

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to working remotely and having a virtual company address. Please note that working online or running a business from home doesn't exclude you from paying VAT


Here are a few of the advantages you need to know when it’s time to choose whether to get a virtual office address.


Offices for professional companies are not free, and working online is quite beneficial for a business director who doesn't have enough capital to spend on a lease or to cover a huge depositPlus with a premium address, you and your employees can have access to an office address at a cheaper price, depending on what packages are available in your area.

More trustworthy

The best thing for a business director is to have a physical location. Having a business office address will make you more trustworthy to your existing and future clients and customers.


Company employees are more flexible with remote work rather than moving in and out of the office daily. With a remote job, companies can allow a director or agent to work from London, Manchester or any hotel rooms, so long as they have access to the internet. The shift to digital means any room they use can be turned into their own office, so they can check in from their house or other locations, increasing productivity for your official business.


With virtual business officescompanies can access commercial services such as mail forwardingemailphone calls, and other features. Disadvantages

Some of the disadvantages of using a virtual official address for your business includes:

No socialising with other employees

A good, strong relationship between co-workers is important and is one of the benefits of having a physical office. Workers out of the office, or those who work from their house, won’t have that benefit, and companies might have to address the formation of relationships in other ways. 

Fewer assets

Depending on the type of services you provide to your clients, you might need to buy a printer, furnishings and other types of assets to work peacefully. Think about what you need from month to month, or even year to year, before getting registered with this service, and find out which virtual business address packages are right for you.


Distractions can make you skip work deadlines or services and make you work under pressure. You will need to check on your employees to ensure they are still receiving instructions, registered as active, are answering their telephone and are meeting deadlines..

Everything about virtual company addresses

Virtual company addresses come with several benefits for entrepreneurs. Every day of every month of every year, you get to experience the best comfort as you work online. Your business appearance will look professional to your online audience while you run your business from the comfort of your house or home office. 

How to choose a virtual company address for your company?

Here are the few steps you need to follow:
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1. Employee training and virtual company identification:

Consider checking the company’s needs and services and provide full training for all your employees to deliver a great service. Also, there are a number of ways to identify a good virtual company, the most important one is the post address offices of the official business.

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