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What is a business address?

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Do you have a business and you want your home life away from the public eyes? Do you want people to find your business so you can grow your client/customer base? If your answer is yes to these two questions, then you need a business address.

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Aug 1, 22 · 4 min read
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What is a business address?

Let’s start explaining what a business address is.

A business address is an address that a business is identified with and it can either be a home address or an official business location.

Either way, your business address is where your customers can come to transact business with you and where you can send or receive your official mails, calls, and packages. Fortunately, you can easily purchase a business address online from the comfort of your home and those sometimes come with free benefits.

Do you need a business address for your company?

Well, the answer is a big fat yes.

Every business needs to be identified with a location.

When starting up, it may be cool to go with your home address and identify with it. But as soon as you want to register your business and make it more official, getting a business address is more important.

Can you use your home address as your business address?

Oh yes, you can. Only, using your home or residential address as your business address gives your clients the idea that you are a small business, which is a good idea if you are just starting up. But, if you have more important companies or individuals as clients or customers, you may want to consider having a more official business address to give your business the prestige it deserves.

Why do companies use a business address?

1. Prevent unwanted visitors: when you have a business address separate from your home address, it prevents unwanted visitors from knocking on your door. This is because every business address registered with the Companies House is in the public domain and can be accessed by anybody who wants it. With a business address, you get to keep your privacy.

2. Prestige: having a business address gives your business a prestigious outlook and your clients can know you mean business.

3. Privacy: as said earlier, you keep your privacy private with a business address. All things official will be handled at your place of business, thus keeping your home life separate and distinct from your business. For example, if you have a disgruntled customer, client, or even an employee, you’d prefer they contact you at your office rather than at home.

4.Work away from home: once you have a business address which is essentially your office, you have somewhere to call an office that is separate from home.

What type of business address service exists?

1. Registered office address

The registered office address is the official correspondence address that is registered with the government like Companies House or HMRC. It is used for receiving official mails and packages especially from government entities.

Some people use their accountant’s official address for this, hence, instead of receiving these kinds of mail in their homes, it goes to an official address.

It is different from a business address because your business’ offices may or may not be located at this address, although it must be in the same jurisdiction in which your company is located. For example, if your company is located in London, your registered office address must be anywhere in the UK not outside of it.

2. Directors service address

The director service address is the legal correspondence address of directors of companies, the secretary, or a Limited Liability Partner of the company.

This address may be located anywhere in the world but it is where all legal documents of any category of the above-mentioned people will be sent. It must also be registered with the Companies House.

3. Virtual office address

The virtual office/business address is a real estate address location that does not physically house the business it is being used for but serves as its mailing address or registered business address. Phone calls, mails, and packages are handled and or forwarded to the required phone number, email, or address, respectively, per the request of the company or business director.


The business offers you some benefits that your home address would not. As such, it is worth a shot to have a business address different from your home address.

How to get a business address?

You have different options:
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1. Virtual office space

It provides businesses with the luxury of having their employees working from anywhere in the world and still be able to do official things like videoconferencing, mailing addresses, phone answering, and forwarding services, as well as, meeting rooms.

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