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What is a virtual office address?

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A virtual office address is aimed at companies, but also at individuals and associations. They allow them to benefit from a reference postal address at a lower cost, as well as numerous additional services.

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Sep 6, 22 · 8 min read
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When we talk about a virtual address, we are typically referring to a physical address that is provided by a third-party service. This address can be used by businesses to receive mail and packages, and can also be used as the business's official mailing address. Moreover, many virtual office providers also offer other services such as telephone answering, meeting rooms and other services.

What is a virtual office address?

A virtual office address is a service that provides a business with a business mailing address and a virtual mailbox to use.

Forget about office spaces and rooms, users may use their virtual office address and business post from a computer or phone.

Your corporate mail can be delivered to a postal facility or a room in a luxury office building instead of your house, depending on your need plus it can also include call forwarding services. The office supports company owners in displaying themselves in a professional manner without sacrificing their privacy for nearly free charges.

The office can also be put to use for a more secure address for accounts receivable payments. Formation of a virtual office is central to support in running your business easier and freely.

How may you use a virtual office address?

You may use your company virtual office address to register your firm, display it on your website or business cards, and securely receive calls for meetings and mail.

The virtual office address is similar to the real address of the office thus you do not need any support to learn how to use it. While other businesses, such as those that rent office and conference rooms by the hour, day, month or year are more limited, the formation and use of a virtual office is quite free.

The address is a legitimate business address, which means you may use it for official purposes such as business registration. While the packages offered by each virtual office provider differ, virtual office addresses have a few common qualities.

A virtual business/office address is vital for an individual company director who works from home plus wants to increase their market reach from their house and beyond their street to succeed. Operating a business from your house or a home office helps save money, VAT, time, and energy while still being productive.

A home address for business reasons does not reflect the same level of professionalism as a virtual company address with a distinct address. Aside from that, your house address will not be acceptable for company registration or financing applications.

In order to use the virtual office address for business reasons, you will almost probably have to pay a charge every month or year to the service provider depending on your package. Certain carries support contracts for every month with savings for commitments of a year or more. Others offer contracts that are only valid for one month.

Plus benefits include the ability to receive mail at the address (letters and packages), which you can either pick up yourself or have forwarded to your house. In addition to their usual mail handling services, some companies provide mail forwarding service for free while others charge a premium for this service.

What to consider when choosing a virtual office address?

Many directors prefer an address in a known street or city such as London, while others prefer an address in their home street. For certain types of company owners, central location is crucial.

Operating a virtual office is fully legal. You are not required to do business from your registered address in the United Kingdom, according to the applicable regulations.

The use of a virtual office service is devoid of any evident drawbacks however you cannot use it for VAT registration.

If you choose your virtual office properly and locate it in an acceptable location, you should get positive results.

The process of terminating your virtual office address service and changing your registered company location in London is simple in the event that you require a real office in London rather than a virtual office.

The following are some of the benefits of a virtual office address:

1. Even if you move, your address will stay constant.

Just like your email, wherever you travel, your virtual office addresses accompany you.

2. Disguise your address from general public access

The address of each limited liability firm is made publicly known. Companies House distributes the information you provide such as street and email address when you incorporate a business (as well as other websites and directories). The service address for the company’s director may be found on this page. If you want to use a virtual office address, you can avoid disclosing your home address on the internet or in other publicly accessible documents.

To further protect the confidentiality of this information, you might utilize a virtual office address. You can still receive mail at your home since providers can scan, email and forward the hard copies to you by post.

3. Maintain adherence to your leasing agreement.

Some landlords specifically forbid tenants from conducting business on their property, while others do not. Certain lease agreements expressly prohibit the formation of a business at the property under consideration.

4. Credibility, authority, and renown

Your operating foundation is a central component of your overall image. If a company wants to attract the proper clients, it's reasonable that they would want a downtown street location rather than a suburban location. A company's image of being established, stable, and substantial is enhanced by having a virtual office address. Although it is a little detail, it is important. It is a simple method of establishing free trust, which is central for a number of companies.

5. Save time with a wide range of complementary services

Virtual office companies offer a number of services designed to save time: daily mail management (scan, email, forward), telephone answering, legal and administrative assistance, meeting room, website assistance, etc. These services can be chosen according to the company's needs and budget. In addition, you can choose to pay per month or per year.

6. Renting in a desirable neighborhood of London may be costly

In comparison to the cost of identical physical office addresses, virtual office addresses are a fraction of the price. Plus, some companies rent office space in one area while having a physical presence in another for meetings.

7. Agreements that are adaptable and require little commitment

Virtual office addresses are particularly advantageous for new businesses since they reduce the amount of paperwork required with relocating. A virtual office address gives you the ability to maintain a consistent meeting point no matter where you are in the world. Unlike traditional office leases which run for a year or years, most virtual office address agreements are run from month to month, allowing you to cancel at any time if your company relocates or goes out of business.


Packages and mail aren't the only perks of a Virtual Office address. You can build a reputation for your business without the hassle of maintaining a physical office. This is great for new foreign business owners in London.

A Virtual Office address may support you grow your business no matter where you are.

How to get a virtual office address in the UK?

You can have your UK business address by:
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1. Employing the help of a company that provides such services

Compare online the different offers

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