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How to get a registered office address in London?

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The registered office address in London is the address where your company is legally registered at Companies House and the one where they will send you any correspondence or documents relating to the company. It is also the place where any documents or correspondence relating to legal proceedings against the company should be sent.

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Jul 20, 22 · 6 min read
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London is one of the top economic and commercial hubs in the world. This makes London addresses one of the most sought-after by directors or business owners since they are highly regarded all over the world. This explains why having a registered office address in central London projects a positive image for your business.

So, what exactly is a registered office address? Well, this acts as your company’s or business’ official address and it is always published publicly on the UK government website. Yes. You heard me right! London has statutory laws that regulate companies and businesses, and one of the requirements for business registration is a registered office address.

A registered office address is nothing out of the ordinary. It is your typical physical address where your business or company can receive official documents such as court orders, invoices, bills, or official government mail from governing agencies such as HMRC and Companies House.

You cannot avoid getting a registered office address when running a business in London.

So, how do you get a registered office address in London?

1. Choose a virtual office solution

Tons of virtual office solutions would help you with the formation of your business address and it would be an injustice to yourself not to explore a couple of them.

To avoid inconveniences, choose an office solution that suits the nature of your business, supports the volume of your business operations, and offers prime locations within London.

2. Choose an address

Having found the best solution for your business entity, the next big thing is to choose an ideal address for your business where you can post business mails. Only pick an office address that is within the reach of your clients and relevant stakeholders.

3. Choose and select the resources you need

At this stage, you are required to pick and customise the services you need. Of course, most of the packages will come with a lot of services for free, but there are also those extra services that you’ll be required to pay extra for.

For instance, you may be required to pay extra for a dedicated live receptionist, mail forwarding services, telephone number and answering services, private meeting rooms, or help desks. You may choose to add extra services at an extra fee or drop some services to save cost.

4. Check your subscription or package and make a purchase

Now that you’ve selected the best location and customised your services, it’s time to compare the packages available. Subscribe to the package that offers most of you the services you need at the most affordable price then, make the purchase. Remember, the amount charged is subject to vat and other statutory deductions.

5. Verify and register your account

You’ll be required to submit some of your personal and business information before the registration of your account is complete. Once the background check is done, you will be approved then, your account will be created and you’ll be good to go.

Why is it important to get a registered office address in London?

There are a couple of reasons why it is important to register a business address in London. Here are a few:

1. It is a Legal or Statutory requirement

Whether you are a new or an established business, it is always good to play by the books. It is a statutory requirement for all limited companies operating within London to have a registered office address, failure to which, your business will lose its legitimacy.

2. Prestigious Location

Setting your business in central London is not enough. As a new business, you’ll have to claim your space by having a registered office address in a street that is most convenient for your clients and other relevant stakeholders. In other words, a registered office address allows you to have access to and have a legal claim to some of the prestigious locations within London.

3. Avoid junk mail and creates privacy

Some privacy comes along with having a designated registered office address separate from your home address. This draws a clear line between your work and residential environs. You’ll be free from promotional emails or unwanted emails that do not relate to your work.

4. Official purposes

Finally, a registered office address gives a face to your business since it will appear in all of your official documents coming in or going out. This makes it easy to differentiate the thousands of businesses across London because every business document has its own identity.

Who can use a registered office address in London?

Well, anyone who engages in business activities within London needs to have access to a registered office address. However, people with home-based businesses are the most common users due to privacy issues. Non-citizens, especially contractors, online retailers, and freelancers are also among the people who reap the benefits of registered office addresses in London.


Get your registered office address today and establish yourself as a legitimate business, you are guaranteed that people will take you seriously.

If possible, get yourself a virtual assistant to help you with schedules or a virtual receptionist to manage your telephone calls. Above all, set your registered office address in the location of your choice on your company’s or business website. This will ensure that you are not only targeting a specific demographic but also a specific location.

How to get a registered office address in London?

Follow this guide:
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1. Conduct a market search

Explore the various virtual service solutions and select the most suitable package based on the services you need and your budget.

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