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How to get a virtual address for your business?

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A virtual office service will provide you with a physical address, as well as a suite of other office-related services, such as a receptionist and mail forwarding. This can be a good option if you need a physical address but don't want to deal with the hassle of renting or owning a physical space.

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Thom Jackson
Jul 14, 22 · 6 min read
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Today, anyone would admit that running your business from home is the next big thing! I mean, it is a great way to not only save you hours and money but also an effective way to get a new business off the ground. Unfortunately or fortunately, your needs and objectives change while your business grows. Most businesses in London already have a business address and maybe private office space.

But what happens as your business expands? Or when you want to expand your home-based business to another city outside London? That’s where the problem begins. Well, you might be tempted to just use your home address, after all, that’s all you got! But, can your home address offer you the same privacy as having a separate virtual business address? Or does it offer your business the professional look customers are looking for? The answer is NO!

In simple terms, your business needs a virtual business address that will not only allow you to present a polished, professional look to your prospective customers but also allow you to keep running your business or company from the comfort of your home.

What is a virtual business address?

So, a virtual business address is a physical address that allows users to access your mails without being there physically. It may be a bit similar to an email, with the advantage of having your items shipped to that exact location, and stored safely: you can always access it later at your convenience.

You can also access your paper mails through this address, from which they will be scanned, uploaded and forwarded to your virtual mailbox at your request. Think of it as an address that allows you to handle your mail remotely.

How to get a virtual address for your business?

1. Choose a Virtual Office Solution

Today, tons of virtual office solutions will help you with the formation of a virtual business address. Therefore, it would be an injustice to yourself to not shop around and choose the virtual office solution that would suit both your needs and budget.

2. Choose a spot

Now that you’ve picked the best virtual office solution, it is time to choose a virtual location for your offices either within London or outside. Most virtual office solutions can support the formation of multiple locations, so pick only the locations that offer maximum benefit to your business.

3. Choose and select the resources you need.

Well, a lot of virtual office kits come with a lot of services to help you with the formation of your virtual office address. But you’ll never miss extra services that can be included at an extra fee.

So, why not make use of such an opportunity to customize your choice of service to match you and your company? It may not be free, but that extra feature that might seem not relevant today might be the actual thing your business requires in a month or a year as your business grows. Either way, there’s no need to worry, you can always upgrade your subscription from their website later down the line.

4. Check your subscription or package and make a purchase

Most virtual office solutions may charge you a one-time start-up fee that you’ll be required to pay once you are done setting up your virtual office room. At this stage, you can revise your package selection to suit your budget before you can finally confirm your order and make your purchase.

5. Verify and register your account

Once you’ve chosen your mail plan based on your anticipated usage, you’ll have to submit some information that will help in the identification of your business.

Once you provide this information and your account is verified, your account will be created and a virtual address will be issued. That’s all!

The benefits of using a virtual address for your business

Compared to a residential address, a registered virtual business address does provide significant benefits to a business or company.

On average, firms that post their letterheads and other business correspondences using their virtual addresses as their official addresses tend to have a more professional outlook than those using domestic addresses. Nothing helps companies or businesses establish trust and credibility among prospective clients like having a professional outlook.

A registered virtual office address presents immense opportunities for business formation and expansion. Do you want to access new demographics or markets? You can place your business right where you want it with a few clicks.

There is also the issue of privacy that was mentioned earlier. Using your home address as your official or business address is not always the best idea because it will be released to the general public while sending out newsletters or other documents to your customers. A virtual business address will alleviate such privacy worries.

Also, a registered virtual business address saves you a lot of costs since you’ll be able to avoid the costs associated with renting or buying physical offices.

Furthermore, the majority of virtual business address providers offer their customers an alternative: scheduling a meeting place or rooms. You’ll not only be saving costs but also maintain a professional outlook by not meeting your clients at your house or at a neighborhood coffee shop.

Lastly, most people with home-based businesses have used the virtual business address to bypass legal constraints. In London, for instance, zoning regulations have limited entrepreneurs and businessmen from establishing home companies or forbids them from operating companies from the houses they’ve leased.

Well, a virtual business address is not your home address, and therefore, you are not legally restricted to run your business in such regulated areas.


If you are a business or a company that does not need physical office space, then, virtual office space or address is the perfect solution for you.

A virtual business address will not only send you a professional-looking address and telephone number but also adds credibility to your business.

Furthermore, a virtual office address comes with tons of features that allow you to run your business easily and successfully without the worry of the costs associated with running a physical office.

How does virtual address work?

Follow these steps:
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1. Select your Virtual Office Solution

You compare online the different offers

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