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How to find and book the perfect meeting room in Paris?

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Are you looking for a fitting meeting room to hold your business conference in Paris? Well, despite being the city of love, Paris is a regional economic hub with more than enough for you to discover.

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May 19, 23 · min read
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It's no surprise why most companies have an office in this city. So if you want to rent or book a suitable space for your next meeting in France, please read on.

Determine the meeting’s needs

Before you even start looking for spaces to hold your meetings, you should determine your event's needs. That is the only way you'll get the fitting meeting room. Some main factors every event organizer should consider include the following:

The event's duration

With the popularity of some top meeting spaces in Paris, some rooms are usually fully booked for the day of the event. Therefore, you will have to rent a meeting room with max space and hours for the meeting.

After all, you don't want to share the floor spaces with another event if the business training will last for more than a day or an hour; the distance between the conferencing centre and the surrounding restaurants matters.

Max number of attendees

The max people coming to your business event will determine the max floor space of the meeting room. You will need more than enough floor space for everyone present and the kind of activities you may do while there.

The distance from the airport and public transport

When picking the conference centre you should consider the max distance travelled by your attendees. You should also consider their means of transportation for that day. The max distance between the hotel and the airport matters, and if it's long, you can provide another means of transport for that day.

Facilities in the centre

For a successful meeting, you should look at the facilities available in the venue. Some necessary facilities include markers, whiteboards, and video-conferencing facilities. The shape of the table matters a lot. You may want a rectangle arrangement seminar or a banquet shape arrangement for the room area.

The services offered in the conference centre

If the conference centre is at a hotel, then you should consider the other services they offer. Some services to consider in the hotel include a bar and bedrooms for the attendees.

How to determine your event’s needs

Every event has some unique requirements, so the first thing you should consider is the venture interaction's objective. For instance, a plenary requires a conference centre with max capacity, while a small interview in the city will require a small rectangular table and some chairs.

Find out more about the business meeting rooms in Paris, France.

After determining your requirements, your next step is to research some business meeting places with suitable floor space in Paris, France. Start with the rooms near your virtual office address in Paris. This will help foster the legitimacy of your company in the city.

You can also check the online directories for the best restaurants in Paris, France. Make sure you request more information from the restaurants and conference centre facilities in France. They will give you more details on the day or hour when their business meeting spaces are booked.

If you need an English translator, you can talk to the restaurants and also find out the price before you rent or book the floor space.

Evaluate the available rooms

After picking the restaurants or conference centre, you can visit the meeting rooms available. Remember, virtual tours and pictures of the conference centre or interaction rooms rarely tell the whole story before you book it.

When visiting the hotel in the city, you can check the acoustic and find out if you'll require a microphone. You can also find out if their rectangular tables are big enough for the max attendees. Plus, the chairs at the conference centre should be comfortable enough for the team.

Site visiting will let you examine the surrounding of the restaurants for noises that can affect your event in the city. You can also go through some reviews online and get a view of how their previous clients feel about the restaurants in France.

Book a perfect meeting room in the city.

After finding the right hotel, you can rent the space at the hotel. You can even book restaurants in France online. Online booking of restaurants in France is very convenient, and you can even set the max number of attendees and book the right time and day.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to negotiate the price online; you may have to visit the conference facility for that. Confirm the cancellation policy of the hotel in France and their offers.


Booking meeting rooms for your business interaction in the city of love is easy. All you have to do is determine its requirements and get a space with the right facilities like bedrooms. Remember to account for the max attendees and pick the right day.

How to determine if the meeting room is ideal for your meeting?

For a successful event in the city, you'll need to rent a suitable space. So you should keep the following in mind:
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1. The floor and table setting

Other than the floor spaces, you should also consider the table setting. Depending on your event, you may need a U-shaped table or rectangular table setting.

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