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How to get a virtual office in Paris?

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Furthermore, unlike physical office spaces, these company workspaces in France do not produce waste or any harm to the environment. These offices and spaces are a more cost-effective serviced approach, payments may be done monthly or yearly. It also facilitates remote hiring, which makes 24/7 services easier, and helps market your products not just in London or France but worldwide.

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Apr 3, 23 · 8 min read
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Step 1: Choosing a Type of Virtual Office in Paris

A virtual office can have everything you’ll need in your company. And we’re not just talking about an online business with rue, mail, and answering the phone, a live office, or a unified communication system. We mean everything from the reception areas and lobbies down to the conference, meeting, and a number of private rooms.

The first step in setting up the perfect digital office for your company in Paris, France is to select spaces depending on your needs.

Below are a couple of office types you’ll find in local virtual office services in France like SeDomicilier, which offers both information and support in accessing prestigious addresses, renting of meeting rooms, and email forwarding for a low support cost.



Private Office Space

Renting Private offices allows you to have your own quiet environment. These are individual spaces without access to public areas like meeting rooms.

This workspace setup is not only private but also complete with everything that live office rooms have, from a phone to answer your calls down to legal locations.

Since they are private individual rooms, the cost for private workspaces is the lowest.

Coworking Desk Space

Now, if you’ve got partners or a group of employees, access to coworking desk offices is a better idea.

Coworking desk workspaces are less private setups that are based on the working cubicles you find in an office place.

Full Office Space

This space serves as a complete business office. It has everything a workspace may need including services and equipment.

They come with complete access to a physical business address, a phone for call handling and reception services, a mailing area, desks, and private rooms.

Speaking of rooms, these service workspaces have meeting and conference rooms and offices that are rented daily instead of monthly to reduce costs.

Enterprise Suite Space

The services of this office and place adapt to the changes that occur within your business. 

You can start off with coworking desks and move onto private office rooms once you can afford its cost. Meeting rooms are already included, but you can access more as your business expands.

Step 2: Registering Your Virtual Office

After choosing an office space, we’ll move on to the registration of your offices and their paperwork. This is to ensure your spaces in Paris or London is running legally.

Registrations and paperwork are usually serviced by the provider of your online space services. The cost for these is commonly included with the workspace package as well. You can send them a mail, visit their address for a meeting, or phone them for more information.

And if you ever find yourself lost in the process, you may visit or call services like SeDomiciler. They are a leading virtual office and company formation in Paris, France. They’ll help you through the whole process for a relatively low cost.

Step 3: Mapping Out Your Business Plan

In creating this plan, we’ll follow the same procedures and formats that we would use with a live business in Paris.

Here are a couple of things your plan should consist of:

  • Executive summary
  • Company description
  • Industry and competitor information and analysis
  • Organizational and management structure
  • Products you’ll offer
  • Marketing and sales strategy
  • Budgets and financial projections

Step 4: Hiring and Recruiting

Earlier we lightly discussed just how easy meeting, hiring, and recruiting employees remotely will be since you won't just be sourcing from the available ones in Paris, London, or France.

However, it is important to note that not everyone is suited for these kinds of workspace offices and locations.

Step 5: Setting Up Basic Contact Information

Phone System

A scheduled meeting or mailing may not be enough for some clients, which is why you’ll need a telephone number available for calls as well.

Answering machines and phone systems lining into digital phone systems in your offices are widely available. Many services can now provide you with a basic phone number as a basis, hotlines, and answering services for a very low cost paid every month.

Business Address

Online mailing location service in France is a thing too!

This is a physical and permanent registered location with rue included in Paris, London, or some other place in France. These are not meeting areas but local service rue addresses that deliver your package, and scans and sends your company’s mail to your digital company workspace address locations instead.

Domain Name and Email Address

It is a great idea to provide your company with its personal mailing address extension for more professionalism.

You should also consider selecting a domain extension suitable to your business type.

Step 6: Choosing Your Tools

You should use billing and mail invoicing support services to help make payroll processing and employee payments every month easier.

And since we’re talking about an online coworking office here, we have to include the use of support backups and monthly recovery solutions.

How to Prevent Procrastination in Your Virtual Office Space?

Since procrastination is the biggest disadvantage of digital offices, learning how to prevent and avoid them is the key to success.
HowTo step image

1. Eliminate distractions

Get private by closing your door in both your home and digital workspace, putting your gadgets on silent, and closing any unrelated websites and desktop apps.

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