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How to get a business mailing address?

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There are a few things to consider before getting a business mailing address. One thing to consider is how much privacy you want. Another thing to consider is how professional you want your address to look. Find out everything you need to know about business mailing addresses.

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Jul 20, 22 · 5 min read
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With the rise and continual use of messaging apps and email domains, you’ll think snail mails don’t exist anymore, right? The truth though is that there are still many documents and packages that still have to get delivered physically. Hence, snail mail delivery systems still exist and are growing daily too. 

Continue reading this article to get a better understanding of mailing addresses and learn how to get them.

What is a business mailing address?

A business mailing address is an address for your business where you can receive physical mail or packages. Whether this mailing address is the physical location of your business or just serving the purpose of receiving your mails, the main purpose of a business mailing address is to serve as your official mail receiving address.

In other words, you can choose to have a mailing address, different from your residential or business address, that gives you privacy. Many businesses have different addresses anyway. So, if you are considering getting a business mailing address, especially if you operate your business out of your home, you should consider purchasing one.

Who needs a mailing address for business?

Every business owner, ranging from small businesses to large enterprises needs at least one official mailing address for their business.

Freelancers and digital nomads may also get a mailing address to get official mails and correspondence.

Why do I need a business mailing address?

You will need a business mailing address if you fall in the following category –

  1. You own a business operating out of your residence and you’d like to keep your residential address confidential.
  2. You need to register your business with the government.
  3. Your company or business headquarter is not domiciled in the UK but you need a UK presence.
  4. You need an address in a prestigious location to boost your business image to present and potential clients.
  5. You do not have time to sort and organise mails so you’d prefer to have professionals do it on your behalf.

How to get a business mailing address?

There are many options of mailing addresses that you could choose from. Some are listed below:

  • Reserve a PO box. A PO box is one easy mailing address to have and you can either go for the public or private box. Some governmental agencies would even allow you to use the street address of your Post Office address provider to receive correspondence from them. For some others, this is not allowed.
  • Register for a virtual mailbox. A virtual mailbox also operates like the PO box but in this case, it can be virtually assessed and managed through a phone app or website provided by your address provider. It is a secure mailbox from which your mail and packages are sorted, managed, and forwarded.
  • Rent a business mailbox. This operates like a PO box but unlike it, the business mailbox is a physical address in a prestigious location where your mail is received and handled, which you can pick up whenever you like.
  • The address of a local coworking space. A coworking space is a place where all kinds of people from several walks of life business come to share ideas or carry out their business. Depending on if the place is a community centre or social space, there could be refreshments. So, you can use the address of such a space as a business mailing address.
  • Rent or buy a business address, such as a physical office space. Alternatively, you can just rent a physical office space where all your official business activities can be handled.
  • Rent or buy a virtual office address. To minimise overhead costs, you may opt to buy a virtual office address. Virtual office addresses usually come with optional packages like offices for your occasional meetings, a dedicated email domain, a telephone number, and/or a professional secretary to manage your official phone calls. If you are opting for any of the addendum packages, it will attract extra costs depending on the provider you have chosen to use.

What is the difference between a mailing address and a physical address?

A mailing address is also a physical address. The only difference is that your physical address can either serve as your mailing address or not. Still confused? Here is a brief explanation.

A mailing address is a physical street address where you can receive mail. As such, it can be your residential address, physical office space, PO box, business mailbox, coworking space, a director’s service address, or a virtual office address.

The only reason for referring to one address as being virtual is that you or your business is not physically present there.


Obtaining and using a business mailing address, if for no other reason, is important to avail your privacy and also give your business a professional outlook. This is because using a residential address as a mailing address may present doubts about your professionalism to your clients.

How to get a mailing address via a virtual office company?

When you enter an agreement with a virtual office company, they assign you an address that can be used as a mailing address. To do this though, you should follow these steps
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1. Identify the virtual office company that best suits your needs

You can do a web search for this, but make sure to know what you know your office needs

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