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Why buy a business address service in London?

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Did you know that a physical address is mandatory for you to register a business at Companies House? One may ask, what is a business address and why is it a requirement by law during registration? Continue reading to learn everything about it.

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Jul 25, 22 · 7 min read
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A business address is an official location from which a business operates. It is the avenue through which important government notices and statutory documents are sent.

For years, startups and Non-UK based businesses had difficulty acquiring physical office space and addresses in London. However, the existence of business address services within the city is fast changing this narrative.

So, why buy a business address service in London?

London is just as busy as it gets when it comes to establishing or expanding a business. I mean, the prospects of having a business address in central London are just enormous! Therefore, every business in London needs a business address, and they need to get it right! Take a look at some of the benefits of having a business address in London:

1. Improves your overall corporate image

The success of any business relies on a positive and professional outlook. Having a business address separate from your personal address helps in building a professional image: which boosts the credibility of your business.

2. Helps in establishing a business presence in the lucrative parts of the city

London is one of the most prominent business hubs in the world. Having a business address in strategic areas within the city not only grants you access to a global pool of clients but also improves the visibility of your business. Seek business address services today and you’ll have access to the hidden gem.

3. Targeting or testing a new market

London has diverse demographics and having the right business address will enable you to have access to target or new markets. Once you’ve identified your target group, just seek business address services to help you set up a business address in your region of choice.

4. Allows you to maintain your privacy

Using your home address as a business address has its fair share of challenges. Perhaps the biggest of the challenges is privacy. Setting up a business address in London allows you to separate your business from your personal space despite running the said business from home.

5. Reducing junk mail

Having a virtual business address saves you the trouble of having to sift through several unwanted marketing letters. This is because your private residence address does not appear online.

6. Saving money

A physical business address location attracts operational costs. This can be avoided by establishing a virtual business address since no expenses are incurred in maintaining a rented physical space.

7. Avoiding disruption if you plan to move

A virtual business address cannot be affected if ever you decide to move to a new place or location. This not only creates consistency but also boosts the confidence of a client in a business.

So, who needs a business address in London?

Anyone with a business may need a business address in London. For that reason, we are going to put everything into two broad categories:

i. UK-based startups and small to medium-sized businesses that are working from home.

Even with the growing preference for home-based businesses following the Covid-19 pandemic, you still don’t have a reason to comprise your privacy. Having a virtual business address gives startups and small to medium-sized businesses the confidence to operate their business from home and still maintain their privacy.

ii. Non-UK-based businesses

London is a prime business location, every business across the globe would love to tap into this market. With the existence of business address services, non-UK-based businesses do not have to get through a lot of trouble finding a business location within London.

How do you choose the best business address service in London?

With all that said, well, there are three main factors that you’ll have to consider: your business formation, your budget, and your preferred location.

🔔 Remember, the amount charged by the business address service is subject to vat and other statutory deductions.

In terms of location, every business would want a business address that’s within its target market. However, business address services are sometimes limited and can only offer business addresses in specific regions. Spoiler alert! Most business address services are based in Central and western London. Therefore, find business address services that can offer lucrative business addresses in some of London’s busiest streets that will significantly boost the business prospects of your clientele.

A registered office address is the basic package offered by most business address companies and is renewable after six months or a year. Details of your registered office address are part of the public information displayed on the Companies House website where anyone looking to do business with you can check and find you.

Also, you will have to include your registered office address on your website, and all your correspondence. You’ll be receiving a predetermined number of statutory letters at this address which will be scanned and emailed to you. However, some business address services may include professional meeting rooms for their clients at the registered office address location.

With a registered office address, you can access premium business locations within London whether you are a startup or a medium-sized business. But here is the catch, all your official letters from banks or suppliers cannot be received at a registered office address and the same applies to telephone calls.

The business trading address service is a physical address where your clients including banks can send their correspondence or packages. It can be purchased alongside the registered office address package. In this package, you’ll have your official letters scanned and sent over to you via the email address at no cost. However, the number of letters to be forwarded will vary from one service provider to another.

Address service providers will receive and sign for packages on your behalf, this includes unbranded office rooms for face-to-face meetings with your clients. The renewal fee of these packages is anything from $40 to $200 per year depending on the address service provider.

Director’s address package is the economy package. It is even cheaper when bought alongside the registered office address package. This package is available for use by an individual director of a company to receive statutory documents, legal documents, and any other official correspondence that requires the attention of a director.

In addition to scanning and emailing letters, clients can also have letters or packages forwarded to their private mailbox. The service is always renewed annually but the price will vary from one service provider to another. Answering telephone calls is also available under this package.

Forwarding of letters outside the UK can be free of charge or cost extra depending on your address service provider.


Business address services are the future of business expansion. It enables one to acquire the all-important professional outlook that customers look for.

Moreover, a business service address helps a business eliminate geographical limitations setting the stage for a business to operate on an international platform. What else are you waiting for!

How to choose the best business address in London?

You will need to:
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1. Consider your target market

Go for addresses that will give you access to your potential customers and relevant stakeholders.

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