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One of the beauties of the modern world and technology is that you can do your business and build a team of professionals from anywhere in the world. Another thing that has been added to the mix is virtual offices. Truth be told, a virtual office is nothing new in the UK because as far back as the early 1800s, small businesses used the address of their accountants to receive mail. These days though, there are providers that purchase office spaces to lease them out to businesses who wish to have them virtually. That said, Virtually There is unique in the services they offer at their virtual office addresses.

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Feb 20, 23 · min read
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Virtually There is a virtual office provider that offers a range of virtual office services to businesses and individuals who need a professional presence without the need for a physical office. 

Virtual offices provide businesses with a prestigious business address, telephone answering, mail handling, and other services that are typically associated with a traditional office.

Some of the virtual services offered at Virtually There include:

  • Virtual office addresses in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff, and Liverpool that you can obtain at cheap prices for your business. You can give your business the right prestige it needs to boost profits with any of these addresses.
  • If all you need is call answering services, Virtually There provides a virtual receptionist who answers and forwards your official calls
  • You can also get a virtual personal assistant from Virtually There who will work with your business to manage your calls, calendar, appointments, etc.
  • Local telephone landline that gives your existing and potential clients an impression of your local presence at cheap prices. The calls to these local numbers can be diverted to your personal mobile phone.
  • virtual switchboard to direct official calls to the right team members who will take action on any request from clients promptly. This way, you do not have to personally deal with redirecting calls.
  • Manage all your virtual office services through the Virtually There Portal with no glitches or downtime.

Other advantages of purchasing a virtual office service from Virtually There

  • You can cancel your order at any time.
  • Virtually There has plans for small businesses with team members as low as a single individual and as high as 1000 or more employees.
  • Very competitive prices, from £7.5 per month.
  • There are no hidden charges to set up your virtual office service.
  • You get 10 FREE mail scans sent to your inbox monthly.
  • ​​When you subscribe to an annual plan, you get 2 months free.

Condition of service at Virtually There

Note that, the registered address does not come with any of the virtual office services like a virtual receptionist, personal assistant, etc. The address must be purchased separately at an extra cost.

Virtually There Addresses in London:

  • The city EC1R
  • Central London, Fitzroy Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 6EB


How to subscribe to a plan of Virtually There?

You can subscribe in just a few minutes
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1. Visit the Virtually There website

Choose the plan that best suits your needs.

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