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How to open a virtual business address in London?

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Any business owner who wants to get a prestigious mail address in Central London without spending heavily on buying or renting must consider a virtual address. The mail address allows for promoting a business and registering the company with the Companies House and HMRC, not to mention other business perks.

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Mar 24, 23 · 8 min read
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Setting up a virtual office address will give your company an official mailing address to use for all office and business-related correspondences. You can use the post address when sending billing invoices, official documents, and in email signatures. Plus, it can even be added to business cards or to the company website. 

Here’s everything you need to know about setting up a virtual business address in London

How does a virtual address work?

virtual address allows for receiving and distributing mail and for services that require providing official address details. The post address is managed remotely and it may include a PO box, street address, phone number, having official correspondences forwarded, or company address

The virtual address works like a physical mailbox at a regular company office. However, it isn’t physical and it’s not a room or rooms on any building or street. This isn’t to say that a package for a virtual office address can’t include a physical location for your company or companies, but it all depends on the package you select. Oftentimes, the package for a virtual address offers the benefits of a physical office and a virtual receptionist.

Your company will get an official postal address in a prestigious location in any part of London and a landline phone number which gives your business credibility. Even if you need to do a majority of your work over email or over the phone, clients will get the impression that the company is established and professional when they see the London office address. 

It’s a perfect solution for a company that feels like they need address in London, but doesn’t want to deal with the overhead of a physical office. This is a huge plus when many workers are still out of the office and working out of their house.

You need an address from which your business activity is actually taking place to register for VAT. 

Important things to know about getting a virtual business address 

The HMRC requires all companies to have a legal business address. A virtual office post address is a more budget-friendly option than buying or renting physical property, which can free up some money for other expenses for your company. The packages for company addresses include:

Registered office address

It’s the official location of a business. Company owners supply this office address to the Companies House when registering the business. The address is listed on the public register and the government uses it to contact the company owners.

The address is for delivering official documents to the company or its directors. A registered office address determines the state of incorporation of a business. 

Service address

Also known as the director’s address, the service address is the official address when corresponding with the company director, secretary, or person of authority. It’s a legal requirement for public companies registered in the UK. 

Business address 

Any registered company in the UK must provide a business mail address during registration on the Companies House. Getting a business address allows meeting compliance regulations. 

The HMRC uses the address to send statutory notices and letters. It's the official address to receive all correspondences and calls and for listing on your website. 

Returns address

This office address is usually printed on the back of official company envelopes. It’s positioned in the centre with the text aligned on the left. Adding a returns address ensures that the post is forwarded to the business office when undelivered. 

Steps to virtual office address formation in London

A business address is essential when setting up a company in London. It’s a cost-effective solution to avoiding the hefty purchase or rental costs in locations around the city. To set up a virtual office address, business’s need to go through the following steps:

Step 1: Determine business needs

The first step to getting a virtual office address is making sure that it’s meeting your business needs. Afterwards, find a virtual office address solution and check pricing to access the best deal. When selecting a service look for offerings in their premium package such as:

  • Telephone call answering
  • Access to conference rooms
  • Live virtual receptionist
  • Access to coworking space 
  • Free meeting space with clients
  • Forwarding correspondence by email after scanning them
  • Service provider location 
  • Availability of amenities to meet the need for a physical office 

Step 2: Choose a location

The next step is to choose a physical location for the company’s virtual office address. A good service provider must offer a range of locations around Central London. 

Step 3: Pick necessary services  

After picking your London location, the next step is customising services to meet business needs in a month. Check whether the premium package offers extra services such as mail forwarding through post or email, a meeting space or room, call answering and conference rooms, based on anticipated usage. Make sure that it’s meeting your expectations and the expectations of your company before selecting your virtual office address service.

Step 4: Submit necessary documents 

After understanding your business needs and choosing the necessary services, you’ll need to submit shareholders' and company information to process the new virtual London address. After verifying the details, the account is created and the address issued. 

Step 5: Use the post address

The virtual office post address is ready for use on all company official documents and for sharing with the HMRC and for clients to view on your company website. Make sure that you use your new virtual office address in the signature of your email, as well.

How to open your own virtual business address in London ?

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1. The business's need:

Determine your business’s needs

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