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Why get a virtual address in London?

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Virtual offices can be used for a variety of purposes, such as receiving mail and parcels, registering your business, or using as a virtual address. Discover why having a virtual office in London is an excellent option!

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Oct 13, 22 · min read
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It is a known fact that London is an ancient city with many amenities and infrastructures in place which supports businesses and help them grow. This is why some areas are specifically known for a particular business type. For example, Wharf Street belongs to those in the financial industry while the Camden Passage is the hub of activities for those in the fashion industry. 

Interestingly, many companies, both small and large, make it a point to open a London office, no matter how small, to boost their prestige and put them in the world's limelight. This is because a London address adds prestige to the image of the company to some clients.

Of course, the competition for owning or renting a prestigious office space in London also poses the challenge of the high cost of real estate properties in such locations which may most likely be unattainable to most start-ups and small businesses.

The good news though is that there is a way around this challenge – getting a virtual address!

This article will show you why you should opt for a virtual office address.

What are the benefits of getting a virtual office in London?

  • London offices for your occasional meetings. Why get an office space if you don’t use it that often? Companies not domiciled in the UK may not have a use for leasing a permanent office space which would probably not be functional most of the year. You can save your business a huge sum of money by just getting a virtual office in London which comes with the added benefit of meeting rooms for your occasional meetings. This is even more useful if you don’t stay in London and don’t come into town that often!

  • Prestige. Some international clients perceive your company differently and feel more comfortable transacting business with you when they see your business is located in the hub of London which is central of the UK.

  • Bring your business/company to the limelight with competitive SEO. Do you know that, when anybody searches your business type with a London location in mind, with a virtual London address, your business becomes automatically listed among the results of a google search, for example? So, having a London office address is essentially a form of low-key advertisement! Owning a London virtual address gives your company a competing advantage with other big companies in your line of business.

  • Monitor and handle your mail from anywhere in the world. Most official mails and correspondence would be directed to your company’s registered address, right? When you opt for a virtual address in London, your service provider owes it to you to receive your mail, sort them, and scan them to you via email so that you can make a choice to discard or forward to another address you must have pre-registered with them. In other words, you get to assess and monitor your mailbox 24/7 at your convenience.

  • Call answering and forwarding. Trained and professional receptionists are available at most of the virtual office address locations. These are people who will be answering calls to your dedicated telephone number as well as forwarding the important calls to your phone whenever necessary.

  • Cost mitigation. It costs way less to obtain a virtual address in London than to own a physical real estate office space in the city. Why? There is high competition and bigger companies will most definitely outbid smaller ones by paying a premium for those limited spaces! 

But, just imagine not having to pay for office activities like cleaning, electricity, stationery, and other essential office staff like receptionists, messengers, etc. When you buy a virtual office address, it is a great way to mitigate cost by cutting out the excesses.

Some of the additional benefits of a virtual address may come free or attract additional costs depending on the service provider you have opted for, but the cost is still way less than what you would have paid if you were to rent an office space. Some virtual office addresses in London cost as low as £30 per month or even less!

  • Privacy. Companies House will not send any correspondence to your residential address that is not a registered office address, and the details of every company registered with the Companies House are made a public record on their website. So, even if you do work from home, avoid making your home address accessible to every Tom, Dick, and Harry by using a virtual office address.

  • Can be used as Registered Office Address or Director Registered address. Most especially because if your company is not physically present in the UK, company formation with Companies House may be difficult because the address of a company registered in the UK must be a UK address. Obtaining a virtual office address is the way to go in such cases. Virtual addresses come with postal addresses through which your official and non-official correspondences can be sent. A virtual address can thus be used as a mailing address, director address, or registered office address.

  • Much more useful than an ordinary post office box. Many government agencies in the UK do not accept the use of the post office address as a registered address. Since the virtual office address is an actual street address, it is suitable to use for any official purpose.

  • Work from anywhere in the world. Remote work is gaining significance by the day. You and your employees can work from anywhere in the world when you own a virtual office address. And you also get to reduce overhead costs!


Your business may just be a London-virtual-office-address-spruce away from attracting the right client that will shoot it up to the next level you’ve been dreaming of.

Just make sure to weigh the pros and cons of the different service providers out there and the various packages they offer before you settle for one to avoid unnecessary hassles.

How to get a virtual office address in London?

It’s pretty simple. There are many service providers online with different packages that will cater to your virtual office needs. So, it is very important to know what you will need and when you’ll need them so that you can pick the package best suited to your company, although some of the services provided are free.
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1. Choose a virtual office address from a wide range of prestigious locations in London

Compare the prices and offers

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