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Your business is as important as its location in the UK. You do know that the right location brings the right clients, right? Hoxton Mix is aware of this fact and has virtual offices in strategic locations around the UK that will help boost your business image and profits. Their costs are competitive and about the cheapest, you can get out there too. Hoxton Mix has quite a range of plans for you to choose from depending on your needs and budget.

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Dec 23, 22 · min read
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What is a virtual office?

A virtual office address is a physical office space. The only difference here is that Hoxton Mix is leasing the office space on your behalf while managing and handling your official telephone calls, mail, and sometimes emails too. 

When you purchase a virtual office address, you get to cut overhead costs and your team can work from anywhere in the world!

Who can use Hoxton Mix’s virtual office addresses?

New and existing companies within or outside the UK can benefit from their virtual office address. Registering your company in the UK necessitates that you own a UK-based address in any jurisdiction in which you are to register. Hoxton Mix has got you covered for that too by the way. You do not have to be a resident of the UK for you to purchase any of their virtual office addresses.

Company directors, secretaries, shareholders, persons of significant control, etc. can also make use of virtual office, especially when incorporating their business with the Companies House.

Hoxton Mix’s competitive virtual office plans include:

  • Collect

This is their basic virtual office address plan and it costs only £15 per month, VAT included and no other hidden charges. That is equivalent to £180 annually. The services you get to enjoy with this plan include mail reception and handling only. If you choose this plan, you will receive an email informing you of the mail’s arrival and you can come to pick them up any time you can.

  • Forward

This plan is the next up on their list. It costs only £25 per month, VAT included and no other hidden charges. That is equivalent to £300 annually and the services included in this plan include mail handling and forwarding. Hoxton Mix will forward the mail to your private address that you must have provided beforehand at no extra cost.

  • Scan Lite

Their Scan Lite plan of virtual office addresses provides you with an opportunity to get any mail you receive at the address scanned and emailed to you as soon as it arrives. This service costs only £20 per month, VAT included and no other hidden charges. That is equivalent to £240 annually. This plan does not include mail forwarding and you may have to pick up any important mail whenever you can from the Hoxton Mix virtual address. 

  • Scan Pro

The Scan Pro plan has been uniquely designed for people who need the whole shebang of mail handling, scanning and emailing, as well as forwarding. The service plan costs only £35 per month, an equivalent of £420 annually; VAT included and no other hidden charges. With this service, Hoxton Mix handles your mail, scan and send them via email, and then forward you the hard copies of the important ones as you choose.

  • Meetings

Peradventure you need a meeting or conference room to hold occasional meetings, the Meetings plan is for you. This plan costs only £35 per hour, VAT included and no other hidden charges. You can use their meeting rooms for any official events, training, meetings or conferences. The rooms come with basic amenities, including internet, videoconferencing, whiteboards, chairs and tables, writing tools, and occasional refreshments of your choice.

  • Divert

To give your business an even more professional image, Hoxton Mix has a dedicated local telephone number for hire for as low as £6.99 per month, VAT included. That is equivalent to £83.88 annually. You can choose to reroute the calls to these London telephone numbers to any UK, EU, or US landlines or UK mobile numbers.

What do you stand to gain when you use their services at Hoxton Mix?

  • Obtain a business address for a discounted price of just £12.50 per month.
  • Hoxton Mix handles all the posts and keeps them secured till you are ready to collect them. Hoxton Mix can even forward them to your private address as you choose. 
  • They offer free company formation services, to register your company on your behalf with the Companies House when buying a virtual office from them.
  • Hoxton Mix has a variety of meeting rooms of different capacities for your occasional physical meetings and official events, available from £35/hour.
  • You can cancel any of their plans at any time with no prejudice at all.
  • Hoxton Mix also provides you with a legal address for HMRC correspondence for free when you purchase their virtual office address.
  • Most importantly, it takes just about 10 min set up any of their plans with no extra fees.

What Hoxton Mix does not offer…

  • Hoxton Mix does not offer multiple virtual addresses to a business. Each business gets only 1 address.
  • Hoxton Mix does not offer any telephone answering services, but they can forward the calls to your approved personal phone number.


86-90 Paul Street, London EC2A 4NE.


  • Website:
  • Telephone number: 0203 475 3374 
  • E-mail address: 
  • You can also follow them on Twitter at @hoxtonmix.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 9 am – 6 pm every day. No weekends.

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