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How to set up a telephone answering service?

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There are many reasons why businesses use telephone answering services, such as the need for 24/7 coverage, the need to handle a high volume of calls, and the need to free up staff members to focus on other tasks.

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Jul 20, 22 · 4 min read
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Too many times we get too busy or tired to even take a phone call. It’s easy to let the answering machine pick up the calls, we’ll get to them later. But, do you know that many existing and potential clients get put off when their calls go unanswered making them take their business elsewhere?

So, when you begin to see a missed call as a potential missed opportunity, you realise the importance of a telephone answering service for your business. Keep reading this article to find out more about this service.

What is a telephone answering service?

The telephone answering service is usually provided by service providers who assign you a dedicated professional that acts as part of your team. What this implies is that the telephone operator assigned to you by your provider learns about your business such that when he/she answers your calls, his responses are tailor-made for your business.

In other words, you have a virtual receptionist to take and direct your calls as he/she sees fit. Such a person is a professional who has been trained to have great communication and interpersonal skills.

What is the difference between a telephone answering service and a call centre?

A call centre would probably do what a telephone answering service would do, however, most of their services are automated and generalised to things like FAQ (frequently asked questions) and computerised communications like web chat and emails.

A telephone answering service would however dedicate a staff member to you, who is most likely a receptionist, to take your calls and direct to you the necessary information in time. This ensures that you never miss a call and you can focus on other areas of making your business grow.

What are the advantages of a telephone answering service?

  • never miss a call – with a telephone answering service, you are sure that all your business calls are professionally handled. You don’t have to worry about missed opportunities due to inefficient phone management.
  • focus on what you do best – with your phone calls well managed, you can focus on other areas of your business without fear.
  • have a local number – if your business is not located primarily in the UK, you can use a telephone answering service that assigns you a local number that gives credence to your business.
  • affordable solution – employing the services of a telephone answering service provider may actually be more affordable and cost-effective than personally employing a receptionist.

How to set up a telephone answering service?

If you need a telephone answering service, you probably are a one-man or small business, working out of your home, not primarily resident in the UK, or a freelancer.

For whatever reason you are wanting to set up a telephone answering service for your business, you should look at the option of obtaining a virtual office address first.

Most virtual office address providers offer telephone answering services as part of their package which may or may not come at an added cost.

Would you like to obtain a virtual office address? Take the following steps to obtain one and set up a phone answering service in the process.

  • Make a list of what you will need your virtual office for. This can include an address for registration with the government (for tax filing or company incorporation), meeting rooms for your occasional meetings or videoconferencing, a dedicated telephone number and or email domain, telephone answering service, etc.
  • Once you have done that, go online and research the service provider with good ratings and charges within your budget limit.
  • Choose a package that contains all you need your virtual office for, fill out the necessary forms, and make payments.
  • As soon as you have done that, an email will be sent to you and you can begin using the services you have paid for.

What kind of company can benefit from a phone answering service?

Every business type, ranging from small to large scale, off-shore businesses, local businesses, freelancers, startups, etc. The type of company that can use the phone answering services is not limited.


A telephone answering service is exactly what you need if you have too many business calls going to voicemail. This way, you get to respond to your clients on time giving you a more professional outlook.

How does a telephone answering service work?

It's simple:
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1. The telephone answering service works like an in-house receptionist

With the exception that you did not actually hire him/her

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