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The strategic benefits of a registered office address service

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There are several reasons why you require a registered office address. You might be registering a new limited company or business. The Company Act made it mandatory for every business. In this article, we’ll show you the benefits of applying for these addresses for your limited company in London.

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Geoffrey M
Aug 24, 23 · 8 min read
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What are the services virtual business address offices offer in London?

Despite being mandatory, these addresses serve as the official addresses of your limited companies. Every business requires digital or physical addresses for legal reasons. The Companies House and HMRC will use it when forwarding VAT and other free annual legal firm formation mail.

The HMRC will be forwarding your VAT and tax details to these addresses.

Therefore, before registering a limited company with the Companies House, you’ll have to apply for one, as section 86 of the 2006 Companies Act stipulated. This act stipulates that all the firms in London must have and use a physical address, which includes the street for their companies instead of their house or home addresses.

Check the service or products included in your account or membership package by the central London firm before you buy it.

Businesses that transact abroad or online must add an address to their firm formation forms. Generally, the government will send official notices to the firm’s registered address. When you use a registered office provider account, you get the following:

  • An address: You’ll get an official address that’s different from your house or service address. The address is for where your business or limited companies are incorporated and where notifications and package forwarding.
  • Mail scanned free of charge: Most of the limited companies offering these services will scan your mail for free. They’ll ensure that you get all your mail while keeping it separate from your house or home mail.
  • Directors Service Address: If you don’t want to use your personal address on public records, you’ll also get a service address as a director. With the formation of a limited company, every director can get service addresses.

Others offer professional mail forwarding services that will let you use your addresses as your trading addresses.

What are the benefits of a registered office address service?

These services are ideal for home-based limited companies or businesses. Some leading brands use virtual addresses instead of house addresses when establishing their presence in a new place like central London. Some of the key benefits of virtual addresses:

Mail management

All the service providers have employees who receive your mail for free. They will check and sort the mail before scanning them for free and send the documents to you unopened. And if you need the physical documents, they’ll deposit the mail in your pigeonhole every day or per month.

So you can check your VAT or other official mail the next time you’re around.

If the director can’t pick up official mails, then the documents will be forwarded to the designated offices or house for free or as part of their package. If they receive it, they’ll be forwarding them to your house or preferred physical address.

Telephone service

Most providers have support staffs that check and receive your limited company’s official calls. The support will be answering your official phone services. Plus, the official calls will be forwarded to the director by the support team, ensuring that you don’t miss your meetings.

Other registered office address providers in London have a voice mailbox with a huge capacity. But they’ll charge you for various digital services, including call forwarding, either per month or year.

Meeting room hire

With everything being virtual, the service providers try and do everything for your business. Account or membership holders can gain access to their official meeting rooms as part of the package.

So if you work from home, you can buy your official virtual registered office membership and enjoy these services.

These Packages Will Give Your Firm the Image It Needs

The best thing about a registered office address is that the director can register it to London’s business street. So if the director registers their firm in a prestigious place like London, it will seem successful for free.


When someone searches your business name, they can get directions to your offices and visit. But with a virtual office address, a director won’t get a surprise visit to their doorstep. You won’t need to ignore people when working from home. Remember, they even have a support team for answering and forwarding your calls.


Every new business will require addresses during the formation process. If you don’t have a physical address or work from the house, then you can get a registered option. These addresses can grant you privacy.

They’ll be managing your mails and calls and even letting you use their meeting rooms for free.

How can I get a virtual office address?

We need these addresses, which they can use when registering their limited ventures. To get these addresses, you should:
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1. Locate the virtual offices providers in London

There are several limited companies offering these addresses. So you should locate them and create a list.

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