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How to pick the best virtual office in London?

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A virtual office can help your business in many ways. Discover in this article why having a virtual office in London is the best option!

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Cora Samantha
Sep 7, 22 · 4 min read
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Picking the best virtual office in London?

If you operate a small business or work alone, you know how costly office space can be. This is especially true for central London locations. Therefore, virtual office space rental is the best and great solution for your small business. With so many options for locations and great packages, finding the right fit isn't always easy. It requires you to read each and every service provider website. Finding the appropriate space gets more challenging when you live and work in a city.
Let’s find out together how to do to choose the best virtual office address!

Factors to consider when you want to choose a virtual office

Picking the best or a great virtual office provider subscription or package to buy can be difficult. Here are some details to support your endeavor in trying to choose a virtual office in London to support you in making the best choice for your business:

  • Determine the company's needs, such as type of address, street locations, mail service, meeting rooms and company formation. Searching for the best service is free, there are new virtual office providers coming up almost every day. You should view the services provided and choose which ones best suit your business needs.
  • Read and compare the various options from service providers based on pricing, services given, locations, street addresses provided, payment subscription type (monthly, annually), and whether or not meeting rooms are included.
  • Find a great Virtual Office provider who can give you a package you can afford to buy with a suitable and best street address for your business.
  • When picking a new address for your business, use reasonableness. Obtaining a Central London address for your business may appear respectable, but might negatively impact your companies, especially if you are just done with the formation of your new business. Clients lose faith and confidence if they discover you are not established enough to have a premium Central London office. They may read wrong into the reasons why you choose not to use your real address and how best they will be able to contact you if something goes wrong.

Benefits of having a virtual office in London

A central virtual office gives your company a prestigious address and allows you to make a great free first impression without being physically at the location. Choosing a virtual office in iconic locations might be great for your company by giving your company the respectability it needs.

It costs less, is easy to set up, and flexible to use. It's cheaper than a physical London office. Use of registered Virtual offices can help you save money while improving your business's productivity.

With a Virtual Office, you may work from anywhere in the business while maintaining total control over your post mail, email and office which you can access remotely. The use of a virtual office keeps your home and street address confidential when working from your house.

Your new business address can appear on your website, marketing materials, invoicing, and business cards. For a cost, you can use some virtual addresses as your registered company address with Companies House.

Your service provider gathers and transmits each post to your inbox or chosen address and is also responsible for forwarding your virtual office telephone to your cell phone.

Origin of the virtual office concept

Virtual office services are not new. Since its inception in 1990, virtual offices have grown in popularity as a cost-effective and convenient alternative to executive office spaces for many companies and businesses.

According to the Office for National Statistics, 35.9% of the working population in the UK and 42.9% of occupants of the city of London worked from the house in the comfort of their rooms at some stage in 2020, up 9.4% from 2019. We may credit the COVID-19 pandemic for a portion of that growth; the trend toward virtual office services has gained traction, with less use of physical offices to limit the virus' transmission, but remote working was already on the rise and is poised to continue—with London leading the way. In London, 1.5 million individuals choose to work from their houses today, and the number is growing.

Access and use of the internet has changed the way people work. Due to new smarter and faster gadgets, a profusion of internet-based collaborative apps, and quicker networks, the need for physical office space is diminishing.

How to choose the best virtual office in London?

You will need to:
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1. Choose the best location for your business's address.

When it comes to real premises, certain districts of London cost more than others; the same is true for virtual office addresses, so keep that in mind when picking a location and read extensively on virtual offices to best know how to choose great packages.

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