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From local to global: The advantages of international business

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So, you have successfully established the local presence of your business. You're now a reputable force to reckon with in your country. However, that should not stop you from dreaming bigger. Perhaps, it's time for global expansion.

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Mark S.
May 19, 23 · 8 min read
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Are you looking for more compelling reasons to build your operations in other countries? Is it a good idea to tap foreign markets and start international trade? Read on and let's talk about the advantages of crossing the border.

Business growth

If there's one way to sum up the many benefits of foreign trade, it would be business growth. It can be beneficial in terms of increasing your revenues. You'll tap new markets, which can translate into better profitability for companies.

When companies operate locally, they're limited to the domestic market. Whereas, if your goods and services are available in the international landscape, you can enjoy the advantage of increasing your customer base. Foreign markets can help broaden reach.

Get ahead of the competition

Domestic market saturation is a common problem many companies face. As competitions become stiffer, your business reach becomes limited.

In contrast, if your goods and services go beyond your home country, the market opportunities can grow bigger. This makes it another benefit of bringing your products and services to foreign markets. Consequently, this is a great way to be one step above the competitors in your nation.

As globalization becomes more apparent, your competitors will most likely be taking that path sooner. They'll soon set foot and trade in other countries or markets.

Do you want your company to be left behind? If not, then your business should be doing it before other companies to help you become more competitive.

Better brand recognition

Higher visibility is a must-have for business success. From social media marketing to networking, companies utilize different strategies to promote their products and services. Therefore, another benefit of expanding internationally is that your company can become more visible to the world.

Imagine a company that operates solely domestically versus one that operates in many parts of the world. Between the two, an international business can be more recognizable than one with purely domestic trade.

By going global, companies are building brand awareness and recognition. It allows the establishment of a more robust reputation, which has the potential to generate higher profits. Not to mention, it can make a company look more prestigious.

Access to low-cost supply and labour

Recently, more and more companies are tapping international markets to reduce the costs of operations. In some parts of the world, the cost of raw materials is significantly cheaper. Hence, global expansion allows a business to have access to these more affordable resources.

Materials are not the only ones that can be more affordable in a foreign country. Your company can also enjoy the benefit of cheaper labour. You can also make operation costs lower by setting up virtual offices.

Combining the advantages of affordable supply and cheap labour might translate to low-cost production. It means you can offer your products at cheaper prices or increase your mark-up.

Access to talent

Another important advantage of businesses operating in foreign countries is access to global talent. It gives the company the opportunity to tap a knowledgeable workforce outside domestic operations.

Businesses offering cross-border products and services benefit from having a diverse talent pool. You need someone who speaks different languages and knows different cultures. This makes it easier to reach your target customers.

Reduce business risks

Unfavourable factors in the domestic market can cause a downturn, which can be risky for businesses. Meanwhile, diversifying operations across multiple nations translates into spreading risks. It reduces the trade dependence of a company in a single or domestic market.

As soon as your business enters another nation, you’re diversifying risks. This means that any political unrest and economic problems in your country will not be too much of a burden. You can still rely on sales from foreign markets.

Exposure to more innovative business ideas

Another advantage of expanding your business to a global market is making your company more innovative. Some countries have access to more advanced technologies than the nation where your business operates to help in your growth.

There's a lot of opportunity to learn from foreign customers and in the international market where you'll bring your business. You can apply these learnings to your domestic operations to become more competitive and improve your products and services.

Take advantage of new opportunities

Bringing your product or service to other countries means you can explore more growth opportunities. Companies can look for more angel investors, incubators, and other investors in the new country where they intend to bring their businesses.

Not to mention, the national governments of foreign countries may also have programs that can help your business. It can include forms of financial assistance that will help improve your products and services.

Wrapping up

Going global opens a plethora of opportunities for businesses. From standing out over your competitors to saving money through cheaper labour and materials, international expansion can be beneficial in many ways. So, once you’re ready, you might want to consider taking your company abroad!

How do you start with global expansion?

Expanding your business to other nations requires a thorough approach. Here are some tips to succeed:
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1. Conduct market research

This will let your business assess the competitive landscape. You can gather data regarding the strategies of other players within the same industry.

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