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How to become an uber eats driver?

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Uber eats is a platform of Uber services that specializes in the delivery of food to customers’ doorsteps when they are ordered from participating restaurants. The way it works is that you get notified anytime someone needs food to be delivered to particular locations and you can deliver as many as possible in the same route at a time.

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Oct 24, 22 · min read
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Anybody with a valid driver’s license is eligible to apply to be an Uber eats driver. There are required documentations and physical attributes that you must be aware of. Read through the rest of this article to get yourself well-equipped.

Requirements for becoming a uber eats driver

The requirements listed below are as provided by Uber and you must do well to present them when applying for the position. Keep in mind that Uber will do a background check on you before your application can be verified. This could take up to 3 to 4 days under normal circumstances.

  • You must have a roadworthy means of transportation – bike, motorcycle, tricycle, or car.
  • You must be at least 19 years of age to be eligible to register.
  • The vehicle must be able to carry a minimum of 30 pounds in weight of food which is equivalent to 13.6 kilograms.
  • Documentations that include
    • A clear picture of your vehicle
    • A valid UK or EU driver’s license
    • A minimum of three months' bank statement
    • Certificate of vehicle insurance
    • Valid and updated passport photo

Job Description of uber eats drivers

The job description for the uber eats driver is really simple, much like the job description for any other commercial driver or courier service

  1. Pick up ordered foods from uber eats participating restaurants.
  2. Load the food into the vehicle carefully to ensure the packaging is intact throughout transportation.
  3. Delivered the ordered food to the doorstep of the rightful owner.

That simple.

Benefits of becoming an Uber eats driver

  • It is an easy way to become your own boss. You don’t have to own a specific type of car to register and qualify. You can do it with your scooter or bicycle
  • It is a good way to earn money on the weekends or holidays to make extra cash.
  • Being an uber eats driver can be a side hustle or a second job.
  • If you need to purchase additional equipment, they are easy to get from vendors that will give you a discount. Additional equipment like bike accessories for loading packaged foods, delivery bags, etc. are necessary to make your delivery easy and unique.
  • Uber offers a gym pass of $9.99 to uber eats driver and 3 additional family members. The gym pass gives you unlimited access to over 1800 gyms all over the UK. You can choose to check it out freely in the first month to be sure it is an option you want too.

How to become an Uber eats driver

  1. Download the drivers’ app and sign up.
  2. Input the necessary details like your legal name, date of birth, and all necessary documents as mentioned above and submit the application.
  3. Put in for a compulsory background check.
  4. Once you pass the background check, you are good to go.

The salary range for uber eats driver

As of 2022, an Uber eats driver can earn between $18,000 to $48,000 per year. This depends on the number of delivery trips you make and probably tips from customers. You could also earn about $18 per hour in some cases.

How do Uber eats drivers get paid?

There are three ways to do this.

  1. You get paid per delivery that you make
  2. You get paid based on the driving mileage for each delivery
  3. Customers can decide to tip you in cash or in-app.

These three ways will ultimately determine how much you earn at the end of the day.

Educational requirements for uber eats drivers

More than 50 % of Uber eats drivers only have a high school diploma as their highest level of education. This is because the main requirement is the ability to drive and do simple arithmetic. About 18 % of Uber eats drivers have less than a high school degree.


Getting employed as an Uber eats driver is quite easy and less capital-intensive. The only thing to remember is that you earn based on as many food deliveries as you can make. Also, if you have been assigned to a particular route, it may be a good idea to develop good human relations. That could increase the amount and number of tips you get.

How to become an uber eats driver?

To become an uber eats driver you will need to follow these steps
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1. Sign up using the Uber Driver app

Create an account and input all your information as accurately as possible. The background check from Uber will find you out if you have provided any wrong information.

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