Online bank account: everything you need to know

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You want to open a new bank account but are unsure how to proceed. Here, we will help you learn more about online banking and why it's frequently more convenient, affordable, and secure to use than in-person banking.

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Sep 28, 22 · 7 min read
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Let's start at the beginning and view some critical details concerning the entire process of starting and managing your money.

What is an online bank account?

An online bank is a financial bank that operates exclusively over the Internet.

Online banking is a term that refers to the process of managing your bank accounts via use of a computer or a mobile device app. This includes electronic financial transfers, check deposits, and bill payment. The difference between this and a regular bank account is that you will not see a banker face to face; nevertheless, you may access your account at any time using a mobile device app or computer.

What are the documents needed to open a bank account?

While each bank has its own set of restrictions, all banks will ask you to demonstrate that you are who you claim you are. You will frequently be asked for :

  • A passport, national identification card, or driver's license frequently suffices as proof of identity.
  • Proof of address: While not all banks demand this, some do — for example, with a utility bill or lease agreement.

How to sign up to an online bank?

The process takes around ten minutes, during which you must complete a registration form and upload supporting papers (ID, income, address) on the website of your preferred bank.

Within a few days, an adviser will check your file and, if it fits the bank's standards, you will be set up with a new current account (you may be required to pay a one-time fee in return) and will get your linked bank card by mail.

What are the advantages of an online bank?

Due to the fact that online banks do not have to invest in branch upkeep, their fees are often modest or non-existent. Numerous online accounts, for example, waive monthly service costs and some waive overdraft fees as well.

You can have arranged overdrafts. An arranged overdraft has a pre-determined limit and interest rate that you and your banking provider agree on. If you have arranged overdrafts, you may borrow up to the amount permitted. You can check if you have an existing overdraft on your account in online banks If you go over your arranged overdraft limit, you'll enter an unarranged overdraft.

If you are not eligible for an arranged overdraft, you may be able to get an unarranged overdraft. This occurs when there is money in your account to cover a payment yet your bank permits the payment to proceed. If you use an unarranged overdraft, this may negatively impact your credit file. You should read the overdraft information before applying for an online account.

Better interest rates : Deposit accounts at online banks often provide greater annual percentage returns.

Most providers allow free opening of new accounts and also offer free debit cards.

Security: Online banks that adhere to industry standards of security are just as safe as traditional banks. Consider features like encryption and fraud detection, and before you open a bank account, confirm that the funds are guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. If you misplaced your debit card, you can lock (and unlock) it from your mobile app.

Access: You may access your bank accounts and bank services from anywhere there is an internet connection – on your computer or mobile device — 24 hours a day. Customer service is also available by phone - in certain situations, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Manage your daily finances easily from anywhere, online, on your mobile, or via phone. Online Banking simplifies the process of checking your balance, paying bills, and sending money to family and friends, as well as providing expenditure insights and configurable security restrictions.

Online bank accounts have made wanting to save enticing with their competitive interest rates. The option to save with an online account guarantees higher returns. This is of great help to people with variable income.

Bank statements are easily accessible through email and usually come in pdf format, statements are usually sent every month.

What services do online banks generally offer?

As noted Online banks let you carry out transactions over the internet through your mobile, you can also get free checking, which is a checking account without the monthly maintenance fees.

Online banking provides customers with nearly all of the payments accessible at a traditional bank, including deposits, transfers, and online bill payment.

At the absolute least, you will always have access to a current account and an accompanying credit card, which may be Visa or MasterCard, depending on the bank.

Additional services frequently included are life insurance, savings plans, consumer and real estate loans, the latter of which varies per bank.

For different online banks, Annual Percentage Yields (APY) of all products are variable.

You can download bank statements from your email which are usually sent every month in pdf formats. You can check or view your account savings and financials using their app including tracking your statement. You can even get the option of bank account balance check using text messaging.

Along with a competitive, variable rate and no monthly maintenance fees, the online Bank Savings Account can arrange for you to grow your money. Banks with maintenance fees often offer more than one condition, one of which you may be able to satisfy, to waive the fee or fees.

You can deposit checks through the mobile app and open multiple accounts in minutes, you can get a competitive rate with no opening deposit including minimum account balance, or monthly charges.


Switching from a traditional bank to an online checking account offers a number of advantages and disadvantages

The advantages include better rates, fewer fees, and cutting-edge tools that aid with account management and budgeting. 

The disadvantages include more difficult access to customer service and worries about online security. While online banks typically provide higher interest rates on deposits and lower interest rates on loans, they may not offer the complete range of services offered by traditional brick-and-mortar banks. 

For some online banks, if you don't have a checking account, you may have limited access to your account since the savings account doesn't include a debit card. Finally, you must determine what is best for you.

Results of surveys post-COVID indicate that most people now opt to use online banking.

How to open a bank account online?

In a few simple steps, here's how to open an online bank account:
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1. Select the type of account you desire

You can check on internet different options to get inspired

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