Simplify your finances: Exploring online accounting solutions

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Navigating the financial management world can be pretty daunting for businesses of varying sizes. From reconciliation accounts to generating VAT or payee tax remittance reports, the demand for great accounting services is overwhelming.

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Geoffrey M
Aug 21, 23 · 8 min read
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Therefore, the best company turns to online accounting solutions offering free courses for its finance service instead of an accountant.

Guide to the best online accounting solutions

There are various kinds of online accounting solutions available for your business. But most small businesses don't need accountants who have taken AAT courses. Therefore, your business may turn to accounting systems for their accountancy service instead of paying for an AAT course that takes months to finish.

After all, this accounting service can help with generating payroll, VAT, or tax remittance every month, just like accountants who have taken AAT courses. Even if you have an AAT accounting certificate or any other qualification, including a diploma, you can still use an online accounting service.

Unfortunately, the landscape for accountancy solutions is packed. Therefore, picking the right finance or management service can be pretty challenging for accountants. So here are the best accountancy systems that can fit any business irrespective of its level or size:

Crunch accounting — €24.50 per month

When thinking about small business accountancy systems, the first great accounting service that comes to mind is Crunch. This great service can fit any company irrespective of its level.

This small online management solution can reconcile functionality and reliability. In fact, you can pay for your package after using their free trial service.

You can take a free Crunch course or masterclasses instead of an AAT qualification to improve your bookkeeping skills. With the free course, you can use all the included features and take your company to the next level.

Freshbooks — $8.50 per month

Another great package that prides itself on making accounting efficient is Freshbooks. If you subscribe to a 6 months package of their service, you can enjoy their offer of a 50% discount.

This software can support several business operations, leaving you with a single accounting platform for sorting out your management and finance issues. Luckily, you don't need to study for the AAT exam to operate this accounting system.


If you're working with a small budget, then you can improve your business with SumUp, a popular payment package. This great free payment service can support any company and as a matter of fact, you can receive/send payments throughout the month.

Being free software, you'll never have to worry about payment delays every month. You can view your free report for the payments and VAT or tax remittance.


Ideal for freelancers and small business owners — that is TaxScouts. It lets you send invoices and view or track expenses online every month. The great package can serve you for months, but most importantly it remits VAT or any other tax.

Some of its included services, like transaction VAT tax services options and invoice management, are not free. You can view all these transactions and VAT or any other tax in the report produced every month.

Clockify — starts at $3.99 per month

Primarily, this is a time-tracking program that even lets you set hourly rates. Tracking billable hours can help AAT students and accountants generate payrolls. This great software is quite easy, so you don't need a tutor, a great course, a certificate, or a diploma to use it.

AAT students can merge their bookkeeping skills with this platform and become the best accountants.

Factors to consider when picking the right accounting solution

Accountancy software can help any company streamline its bookkeeping processes. So before settling for any accounting software, you should consider the following:

  • Business complexity and size: A small company requires basic accountancy software and vice versa. So you should consider your firm's management and financial accounting needs.
  • Cost and budget: You must consider its price and the features included in the package. Simply compare the pricing model of the available accounting software and the included features of various packages.
  • Ease of usage: Complex apps can be challenging even for investors with an accounting certificate. Therefore, get a great package that's easy to use. You should ensure that you study their reliable tutorial. If you can't view the reports or tutorials, then you should contact their support team. Make sure that anyone in your company, irrespective of their accounting level, can work with your programs.
  • Industry-specific requirements: If you're running a retail business, you should pay for software that comes with industry-specific features like inventory management.
  • Reliable support team: Before settling on any accountancy system, you should find out if their support teams can be accessed 24/7. The support team should have more than one means of reaching them.


Gone are the days when you had to study AAT courses for months to get a certificate and become an accountant. Thanks to various accounting programs that help with company management and tax remittance, you don't need to spend up to 18 months studying for a diploma.

These online financial and management solutions can help your business save cash and time. They can help you streamline processes and ensure that every employee is paid their rightful wages with their tax remitted every month.

How to pick the right accountancy software?

With the many great accountancy platforms available to help you with your books, picking the right one can be challenging. Therefore, you should consider the following.
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1. Size of your firm

Generally, these accounting programs have packages for different enterprise models.

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