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How to become a streamer: Step by Step

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From streaming live games and other forms of art like dancing, music, cooking, etc., several people have put themselves in the limelight to become celebrities. Streaming is a way to showcase to the world at large your interests and passion while generating revenue for yourself. In other words, you are doing what you love and making money.

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Oct 19, 22 · 4 min read
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If you you want to start your business and you are a newbie to the streaming world, this article is right for you. We will guide you step by step into becoming a streamer and making it work for you amidst the competition.

Who is a streamer?

A streamer is someone who streams specific content to a targeted audience using streaming websites like Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc. There are many sites to choose from depending on which is the most convenient to use.

Gamers all over the world now simply connect their gaming console to the internet and stream it live for people to watch and comment on.

How you can become a streamer and the tools needed

Apart from a good internet connection, there are important tools that must be available to you if you want people to enjoy their streaming experience such that they subscribe to your channel and keep coming back for more.

Some of the tools are:
  1. Create an account on the platform you want to use. Many people are familiar with using YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram to stream. If you already have an account, just set up the streaming tool there.
  2. Set up your account to receive payment from ads and views.
  3. Get a gaming console if you are a gamer. Otherwise, you can use a desktop or laptop connected to a camera if you want your face to show. Make sure your camera has high resolution. Your laptop or desktop cannot have a RAM of less than 4Gig because streaming videos take up a lot of memory.
  4. Make sure you have a good internet connection. If you can, make use of an ethernet cable for a better streaming experience.
  5. A good high-end headset to be able to speak to your streaming video.
  6. If you are streaming games, you will need to get a capture card which may cost a fortune but will earn you more if you can sacrifice a little.
  7. If you are streaming showing your face, a good lighting setup is important. For this, you should get a tripod stand, wireless mics, etc. to give your audience a great streaming experience.

What are the most common online platforms for streamers?

There are many online platforms that you can use for streaming. But as we have said earlier, the usage of any of them should depend on how easy you and your audience will be able to navigate it.

Here is a list of some of the best streaming platforms.

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Twitch
  • Disco Melee
  • Facebook
  • Azubu
  • TikTok
  • UStream or IBM Cloud Console
  • Bigo Live
  • Mixer
  • Periscope
  • Afreeca
  • Twitter
  • Bambuser
  • Beam
  • Hitbox

What are the advantages of being a streamer?

  • Earn while doing what you love. Nobody wants to keep doing what does not give them satisfaction. Many streamers have made it big. There are records of people earning well above $30,000 per month through their streaming. You may not get there in a day, but it is a gradual and rewarding process.
  • Create a niche for yourself. Streaming is not limited to gaming. You can choose to stream and teach people how to do things, create a talk show, or run a commentary. Anything at all that you can think of is streamable. 
  • Become an influencer. Many streamers have streamed their way into becoming influencers in their chosen niche. You even stand the chance to make more money when people advertise their goods and services using your brand.
  • Become a brand name. As your influence grows, so does your brand and you could become the next household name.


The streaming business is becoming more and more lucrative with new streamers joining the league every day. Whatever niche you have chosen, it is not too early to start. You don’t even have to have all the equipment but the most important ones like a good computer and internet connection.

How to become a streamer?

Follow this guide:
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1. Create an account

The first step is to create a streaming account on the platform you want to use and set it up to earn as the platform provides. You need to research and follow the instructions necessary for proper setup to prevent glitches while streaming

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