How can I get my UTR number online?

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Every taxpayer in the United Kingdom is expected to have a UTR number to pay tax as an individual through Self-Assessment or as a corporation through corporation tax. Taxing individuals and corporations is a way by which the government funds its activities and the failure of any citizen to do such a duty of paying tax may attract a fine or jail time as the case may be.

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Dec 21, 22 · min read
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Many people are faced with the challenge of getting their UTR or they somehow cannot remember it. In this article, you will find answers to any questions you may have concerning UTR numbers, their uses, and where they can be found.

What is a UTR number?

The Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) number is the number that identifies each taxpayer in the UK. This number is given to you whenever you register on the HMRC portal to pay taxes through Self-Assessment or Corporation tax.

The HMRC is the official government agency that is taxed with collecting tax on behalf of the Crown in the UK.

Who needs to obtain a UTR number?

As mentioned in the introductory part of this article, every taxpayer must have a UTR number. This includes employees, employers, sole traders, businesses, corporations, freelancers, contractors, etc. 

Every citizen and non-citizen that is transacting a profit-oriented business in the UK need to pay tax to the HMRC by registering to obtain a UTR number. This number is used in any correspondence with the government agency.

How to get your UTR number in the UK

You can obtain your UTR number by

  1. Registering to pay tax through Self-Assessment – this applies to self-employed individuals like sole traders, business owners, members or shareholders of a corporation, partners in a company, etc. While a sole trader is the same entity as his business and thus pays tax for him and his business through Self-Assessment, partners and shareholders in companies must pay tax separately from the business. That is, while a company is paying tax through corporation tax or Self-Assessment based on the profits it makes in a year as the case may be, the owners must also pay tax separately through Self-Assessment. When you have registered, you will be issued a UTR number after your registration has been approved.
  2. Incorporating a company – while incorporating a limited liability partnership or company, it is important to register to pay corporation tax alongside by registering to pay corporation tax to the HMRC. The UTR number for the business is different from that of the owners of the business which must be obtained through the Self-Assessment portal of the HMRC.
  3. Through the PAYE scheme – employers are generally required to register their employees to pay tax by registering for the PAYE scheme. In other words, if you are an employee, you can obtain your UTR number from your employer or your monthly pay slip.
  4. Construction workers – using the CIS scheme (Construction Industry Scheme), contractors must register their workers and subcontractor to pay taxes to the HMRC. So, if you are a contractor subcontractor, you will be issued a UTR number with the CIS scheme through which you or your employer pays tax and other monthly accounts filing to the HMRC. Construction workers who pay tax under the CIS scheme are only self-employed contractors. If you are an employee in a construction company, you will still pay tax from a PAYE scheme. Either way, you have a UTR number that is uniquely yours.

The information you need to obtain your UTR number includes

  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Residential address for Self-Assessment or Registered Office address for businesses and companies
  • Personal phone number for the self-employed or your business telephone number
  • National Insurance number
  • The date you started self-employment or incorporated your company

When is the UTR number needed?

You will need your UTR number when

  1. You are filing your annual tax returns. The number identifies you uniquely with the HMRC. So, if you have any money-making business or income that must be taxed, your UTR number enables you to do that through Self-Assessment or Corporation tax.
  2. You want to make any correspondence with the HMRC. Whether you are filing for tax refunds, making a complaint, or doing just about anything you are doing with the HMRC, you will need to include your UTR number. Simply, consider the UTR number to be similar to the unique matriculation number given to students in colleges. Names can be similar but your UTR number is uniquely yours and is non-transferable.
  3. When filing for a tax rebate or refund from the HMRC. Your UTR number will be useful when the HMRC wants to verify whether you qualify for the rebate you filed for.

Where can I find my UTR number if I already registered?

  1. Any previous correspondence or past tax returns document from the HMRC.
  2. Your Self-Assessment portal will always display your UTR number.
  3. Call the Self-Assessment helpline at 0300 200 3310, or send a text message to 0300 200 3319. If you are currently outside of the UK, the number to call is +44 161 931 9070


Getting your UTR number has become so very easy because you can obtain it online by logging on to the HMRC portal. You do not even need to remember it off-hand because it will always be displayed on your portal too.

How to get a UTR number online?

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1. Find out which category of tax payment scheme you belong to.

You can either pay tax through Self-Assessment, Corporation tax, CIS scheme, or PAYE scheme. Self-employed individuals including partners and shareholders in a company are expected to pay tax through the Self-Assessment portal while companies pay corporation tax. Construction contractors and subcontractors pay taxes through the CIS scheme and employers pay taxes for their employees through the PAYE scheme.

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