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Digital nomad jobs: the top 11

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What has made working as a digital nomad possible is the internet. Once you are located in an area where you can be connected to the internet, you can work and earn money. This is provided your skills are marketable online. Even if your skills require you to be physically present on-site, it might interest you to know that you can play an advisory role and still earn money as a digital nomad.

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Jul 29, 22 · 5 min read
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You want to create or you've just created your company and you want to become digital nomad? Keep reading this article to find out the different sellable skills that could help you be a successful one.

What is a digital nomad?

Digital nomads are workers who have no definitive office that can provide their services from anywhere in the world. Digital nomads have the rare privilege to work from anywhere and at any time that is best suited to them. Unlike the traditional office jobs where you go in in the morning and close at night, digital nomads choose when and where they work.

The 11 best digital nomad jobs in 2022

  • Copywriter. This is probably the easiest and most congested of all digital nomad jobs. This is because there are a lot of people in this space providing writing and editorial services in all kinds of sectors ranging from education to entertainment and blogging. What can stand you out as a copywriter though is if you can be creative with your writing as well as understand the importance and use of SEOs. 
  • Translator. Translators must be at least bilingual. So, if you are multilingual in various languages like French, Chinese, English, Spanish, Arabic, Cantonese, Japanese, or German to mention but a few, this could be a good niche for you to find a digital nomad job. Usually, what is required is that you have a good demonstrated command of both the language you are translating from and to.
  • Transcriber. Some companies will need minutes or meetings to be transcribed, word for word from audio to text. For this, you will need to have great listening and typing skills as well as the ability to work fast. 
  • Data Entry Specialist. This job requires you to have great attention to detail skill because you will be required to sort through several websites to fish out relevant data for your clients. You must be able to find relevant information from websites that will be provided by your client or not. What this means is that you should be the type that has the skill to find just about anything on the web, no matter how well hidden it is.
  • Social Media Manager. Many companies, both small and large, are finding out that the best place to advertise their goods and services these days is social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok, etc. As such, they require the services of social media managers to do this effectively. Many people found in this niche are young people who are conversant and keep up with the latest trends on social media. If you are adept in the effective use of any of these social media platforms, this could be a good job for you to do. This job, like the copywriter, needs some level of understanding SEOs and creativity. 
  • Blogger/Influencer. Closely related to social media managers are the bloggers or influencers. Celebrities in years past used to be famous musicians and actors. These days though, social media influencers like Instagram and TikTok influencers, as well as bloggers or vloggers are taking the lead. What this means is that if you already have high social media followership, then you can look for jobs to help companies promote their brands through your social media handles. Some companies pay a premium for these services provided your brand goes in line with theirs. You should therefore have this at the back of your mind when building your brand.
  • Programmer or Web Designer. Peradventure you are proficient in any programming language like HTML, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, Swift, and C++, you can sell that skill as a digital nomad. This is provided you have all the gadgets and internet security required that assure your clients of your readiness to work and the assurance that their project will not be subject to hacking.
  • Illustrating and Graphic Designer. Graphic designers also have a niche in the digital nomad world. Your portfolio should speak for itself! The ability to work with various design programs like Affinity Designer, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk Maya, Canva, Genially and PhotoScape is an added advantage for an illustrator or graphic designer. Many companies are hiring for this role and some will allow you a fully remote working option.
  • Virtual Teacher. Essentially, any subject or language can be taught online these days. To be able to land lucrative roles though, you should have a demonstrated and certified knowledge of the subject matter.
  • Customer Service Representative. You will be required to attend to customers via calls, emails, and messaging apps based on company policy. This job requires a great interpersonal relationship and the ability to be calm under pressure.
  • Virtual Assistant. This is becoming one of the most sorts after remote or digital nomad jobs and it is because it combines most of the jobs mentioned above. This includes writing, data entry, and sorting, graphic designing, customer service representative, transcribing, translating, etc.


The number of jobs available to digital nomads is not limited to the 11 mentioned in this article. As mentioned earlier, you are allowed to play advisory roles as a digital nomad. So, you can sell your skills as an accountant, tax accountant, lawyer, doctor, etc. The chances are unlimited!

How to become a digital nomad in the UK?

Follow this guide:
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1. Have a sellable skill

This is by far the most important. You do not have to have a starting capital to start but you must have marketable skills. If you do not have one currently, you can learn or get a diploma to acquire one

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