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What is a company’s registered address?

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The company's registered address is the place that the company has officially been registered. It is also commonly referred to as the company's headquarters or head office.

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Sep 24, 22 · 4 min read
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A registered office is a limited company's official address, and possessing one is a legal necessity for every incorporated business operating in the United Kingdom. A corporation is a legal company. The address must physically exist in order for other bodies, such as HMRC and Companies House, to interact with it on an official level. A UK limited company must have a registered office in the United Kingdom. Additionally, unless another location is used, this is where companies should make their statutory registers available for public scrutiny.

Let's discover together more about registered offices, including their purpose, how to set one up, and why you might want to change or re-register it.

How to get a registered address?

Certain businesses provide a registered office service, allowing you to use their address as your company's registered office. Additionally, they will send all documents to your communication address. Fees will vary based on the office of the registered office; for example, you may have to pay a premium for the prestige of a London address!

There are several companies address services available, and the best one for you will depend on your location and the type of service you provide. To choose one that is suited for you, compare the services online and prices of each one.

What are the difference between a registered office and a business address?

Only statutory mail from government entities is sent to the registered office as your company's official address. On the other hand, a business address serves as a central point of contact for all other types of correspondence from clients/customers, suppliers, utility providers, and other third parties.

Companies that operate in numerous regions of the United Kingdom and/or Wales or internationally may have multiple business addresses to serve as a point of contact in each location. This is an efficient method of establishing a presence on a local level in each location.

While it is not compulsory legally to have a business address that corresponds to your registered office, you may use the same address for both purposes as long as it fits the criteria for a registered office.

Can a company’s registered office address be modified?

Yes, as long as it remains within the United Kingdom. If you change your registered office, you must notify Companies House immediately.

Within roughly 24 hours, the public register will be updated with the new address information. Unless a SAIL address is used instead, you must ensure that all statutory records are transferred to the new registered office.

Changes to the registered office must be approved by the company's directors.

After that, Companies House Form AD01 (for corporations) or Form LLAD01 (for limited liability partnerships) must be completed and sent to the Registrar to effect the change.

Companies House will check the new address against the Post Office database; therefore you must supply the whole address and postcode. The change will be allowed if the new registered office address is appropriate. Within roughly 24 hours, the public register will be updated.

The new address will not take effect until it is entered into Companies House's database.

When this occurs, the stationery must be updated with the new address.

You may relocate a registered office in England to an address in Wales and vice versa, but this is the only exception to the rule because these two countries are governed by the same law (unless you registered your company in "England only" or "Wales only," in which case the members of the company must approve the relocation).

In all other circumstances, you may change your registered office, but not to another nation following company formation.


It's critical to know that the registered address for your business will be publicly viewable on the Companies House Register. This information is publicly accessible, that is it can be viewed with anyone, along with facts such as the date of establishment, current and former officers, and past company names.

The registered office of your company must be displayed on all official stationery, including emails, brochures, and websites.

Along with stationery, you must display your business's complete name prominently and constantly on a sign at your registered office, unless it is principally used as a residential address or your company has been dormant since incorporation.

How to get a registered address?

Follow this guide:

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1. Choose the location

A registered office must be located in the same UK country/jurisdiction as the company (England and Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland).

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