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Set up a business in the UK: Step by step

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Looking to start your own company in the UK? When it's time to start a business, company formation can be an overwhelming process. Business owners of any company need courage and determination throughout the company formation process.

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Mar 15, 23 · 8 min read
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Setting up your own business is not a free and simple process. It requires researching articles, determining fees, dealing with the companies house, filling form after form and knowing the ins and outs of competing companies. Any UK-based business agent needs to put in hard work, share ideas, and dedicate themselves to their business or company, even in their limited, free minutes.

Even if you're going to be working out of your house and forgoing an office address altogether, you need to know a good number of details and services about how to work in an office environment for the formation of your registered company in the UK.

Steps to set up your business in the UK

The first thing you need to do for the formation of your UK business or company is to register it and make it known online and worldwide.


Identify your market

As a business agent, you need to know what form your service package is going to take. It's the first step in company formation. What are you going to provide for customers? Where are you going to provide it? Are you in London, going for the UK in general, just staying online or going worldwide? It could be in the form of a service package or general product, but you need to start the formation of ideas on what you'll provide to customers and then find your target market.

Let's use the scenario that, for example, you’re passionate about weddings. You want to open a bridal company or business. So, your target market will be people about to get married. And so, once you have registered the target market for your business in your mind, you can begin working on ways to address that market. 

Narrowing down your audience, even just saying if it will be locally or to the UK broadly, can save you lots of time and effort, especially when it comes to digital marketing for your company formation. This will end up saving you unneeded, additional marketing that might not need to happen at all.

When identifying the market for your UK company or business, you should ask yourself important details like:

  • What's unique about your registered business or company?
  • What issue does your business address that other companies are not?
  • How limited is the audience for your business or company?
  • Is there a service you can offer that can expand the audience for your business or company?
  • Can I market my registered business or company online through social media account?

Know your competitors

Any company faces competition. Business can rise and fall, and other companies will be certain to give you competition. Even the biggest companies face a limited audience. So it's important to know your competitor companies to know not only how you can price your own service, or what you can offer in services, or service packages, that your competitors do not.  All entrepreneurs or directors should charge according to the quality of products and services packages they offer. 


Business plan

Grass grows, the sun shines, and companies have business plans. A business plan will guide you in defining your vision, mission, business formations and the objectives that you had in mind when you start the company. With the correct business plan, even if you feel lost, you will have some guidance and info on where to take the company. But next, and one of the most important decisions, is a company name, especially when it comes to registration and other documents with the companies house in the UK.


Business name

Your new business’ vision must go according to its company name. This is your legal company brand, so you need to be certain to find a name that will reflect what your business does.

This is an incredibly important step for the company, so be sure to start research if you haven't already. There are plenty of resources online, including articles, that can help you to find just the right name. There are even websites online that can help generate some ideas to help brainstorm, but generally, they aren't free. Feel free to start to look around, ask colleagues to share their thoughts, take a walk around the house or just a weekend trip to London.

A company name is an important statement about its future and goals, so make sure that you get it right before filing for a business registration.


Business registration

After following the business process details, you can now register your limited liability company and begin documents with the companies house. This simple registration step ensures that your business or company is legal, and it’ll also give you a certain form of confidence. Regardless of the  goods or services you provide, clients will want to know if your company is legitimate. With limited registration business documents details, it becomes easier to attract more customers and ensure them that you are registered and free to practice.

You will find incorporation registered companies under different types of businesses:


Having an idea of the exact amount of money you need to get your legal business started is crucial. So once you’ve registered, you’ll need to buy goods or materials, and you might even have to check out renting an registered office address. But, a legal business address that operates from the director or owner’s house, for example, doesn’t need as much capital as an registered office address in London would.

If you decide to get use a registered office, costs can add up quickly, especially in the UK. So start keeping track of things you want immediately. Things like a company secretary, for example, can be just as crucial as getting an office address. So make sure that your business bank account can handle the start.

In fact, many people have everything needed for the formation of a legal business but lack financial support. In this situation, start by making a business bank account. Then, it might be time to form a proposal for funding, or go to your bank and ask for a loan. If you struggle to get bank services confirmation for a loan, there are more support details such as:

  • Business financial management 
  • Business financing assets
  • Business Grants
  • Crowdfunding 
  • Business investors 

It's not the end of the world if you can't get the money from the bank. There are plenty of alternatives for securing funding outside of the regular loan route. If you've ever received an email from a crowdfunding website, for example, you know just how often businesses can find their funding online in minutes.

Market your business

You can start digital and physical marketing of your legal registered business. This can include looking online, making a social media account, looking into advertising in the local paper for printed advertisement, etc. Some companies even write an article to show off their services. But regardless of what you do, you need to have a strong team. Remember to mention your business brand when you begin creating unique, online content.

Launching of the business

The launch of your registered business depends on what types of services you offer. Some launches can be at a physical company office at the registered office address. Others can be online, and so launching can be as simple as taking a few minutes to send an email or making a post on the social media account. Other companies prefer a soft launch and start rolling out services gradually. But each choice shares the common idea that you need to inform your audience the company has started so that people can begin to have that association in mind when they hear your brand.

The great and simple way to launch your registered business is online through social media accounts. Social media was rated as the best way to promote any registered  business can be done with a single account, and it doesn't even need an office to host the launch in.


How to market your business?

To market your business, you need to follow these steps:
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1. Sharing information:

Word of mouth statement remains the best way to share information and market your incorporation registered business, including through a social media account online

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