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How to change your UK company name? Step by step

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After running your business for some times, there could come a time when you need to make the name of your company sound more professional. You could also need to change the name of your company if there had been a merger and there is need for the company name to reflect the other forms of businesses it now does. Alternatively, you could have made a mistake in the company name while incorporating with the Companies House.

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Jun 8, 22 · 2 min read
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Whatever category you fall into, changing the name of your UK company is a possibility. 

In this article, we have compiled the necessary information guide you in this process. 

What to consider when changing the name of your company?

While the new company name must follow the naming rule of the Companies House (keep reading to find out more on this), you must be aware of the following –

  1. You can either change your company name by company resolution (majority votes) or as provided in the articles of association.
  2. If you are going by company’s resolution, then you must download and fill the form NM04 from the Companies House website. Alternatively, you can change the name online via the online service of the Companies House here. When sending the form, you must send along the company resolution that supports the change of name.

This service costs £8 but if you want to fast track your application and get it done the same day you applied, it costs £30.

  1. If your company name is changing via article of association, you must compulsory apply by post. Download and fill the form NM04 from the Companies House website. This service costs £10.
  2. If you are applying by post, you must send along the check for application alongside.

Once you have successfully filed and the Companies House is satisfied with the documentations you have presented, they will issue another certificate of incorporation which will bare the new name. you can the proceed to make changes on all official documents of your company.

What are the rules guiding company names in the UK?

There are some important rules that you must adhere to when choosing a name for your limited liability company. The name must –

  1. Not be offensive or suggestive
  2. Not already in use by another company
  3. Not the same as or too much like the name of another company

Please note that there are some names that you would need to seek permission of the Companies House before you use them and this can be accessed through their website here.

What other changes can you make to your company’s documentation with the Companies House?

Apart from the company name, you can also make changes to the following on the Companies House register using their online tools –

  • Company registered office address,
  • Details of the company’s secretary, directors, members, persons with significant interest, shareholders, and guarantors,
  • Change of company structure,
  • Change of shares structure,
  • Memorandum and articles of associations, and
  • Secured loans.


Changing a company name is a very easy one when you know what to do and which direction you are taking. Always ensure you are on the right track when applying to change names.

How to change a limited company name?

You can change a limited company name in the UK by
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1. Either special resolution from the company

Or using provisions made in the article of association

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