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How to set up a business email address?

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A business email address includes your custom domain name. Having a business email address is essential if you want to appear professional and win over new clients.

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Dec 27, 22 · min read
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While it’s possible to use a personal account or even create free ‘personal’ account for your business, these won’t look as professional or have the same security features as a business email account. But do you need business account? And how do you go about setting one up?

Why Do You Need a Business Email Address?

When setting up a business email address, you’ll also need a domain. If you plan on creating a website, this becomes much easier. Even if you don’t have immediate plans for a website, you’ll still require a domain. This domain makes the biggest difference between a professional account and a free or personal one. With a domain, your mail will be instead of a Gmail account. This might not seem like such a big difference, but it is.

There are several reasons why you should consider getting a business email account for your company. Not only do they keep your emails separate from your personal communications, but they also include other benefits for your company.

Established Credibility

business email account is a great way to establish credibility with your clients. When reaching out to new clients, they’ll immediately be able to see who the email is from. Since a business email is linked to a domain name, they can also search for it online to get more information about your business and services if you have a website established.

Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is so important in any professional industry. Clients get attached to your brand, but if you suddenly send mail from a personal account, your client might get confused. 

This isn’t good, as confused clients are less likely to make a purchase.

More Memorable

business email is directly linked to your company and domain name, which makes it easily recognizable. Personal emails are much less memorable, and if a client wants to look for you, they won’t search for you personally – they’ll search for your company name.

Increases Control

Business email accounts give you as a user much more control. You’ll have an admin account from where you can easily create, access, or deactivate users from within an email client. This isn’t possible if you’re using personal accounts.

Added Security

Reliable business email providers will offer accounts that add security features to protect your emails. This is important to keep both internal and external communications protected. These services also often offer support and help when you get stuck.

Tips When Creating Your Professional Email Address

There are a few pitfalls that many businesses can fall into when they create their first business accounts. Before you create your new business email accountmake sure to consider the following tips to ensure you create an address that will work for your company, brand, and needs:

  • Don’t use numbers within your email address unless it’s part of your company name.
  • Keep it short and simple, so it’s easy to remember.
  • Make sure it’s easy to pronounce, especially if you need to give it to someone over the phone.
  • Make it relevant, so your clients know exactly who they’re communicating within your organization.

Best Practices When Using a Business Email Account

Another aspect you might want to consider, which is almost just as important as creating a business email account, is the best practices for using your business email address. Here are a few simple best practices that you should implement to ensure your emails are always professional:

  • Use standard formatting across all of your emails. This includes using a basic font that’s easy to read and looks professionalUse bold and italics sparing and only when absolutely necessary.
  • Make sure your subject line is clear and in line with the content of your mail.
  • Use professional greetings that are in line with your brand.
  • When reaching out to new people, make sure to include an introduction of who you are and what product or service your business offers.
  • Be careful when using the ‘Reply All’ features so that you don’t send people unnecessary or confidential emails.
  • Steer clear of all caps and exclamation marks when writing emails, as they can appear aggressive.
  • Don’t use emojis in professional emails, as these are best reserved for personal communications.
  • Use a simple signature with a link that users can click to go to your website.

You want your business to be perceived as an expert within your industry. This requires a certain level of professionalism. By keeping the above practices in mind, you can ensure to always put your best foot forward when communicating with clients, vendors, and even employees.

Step by Step Instruction on How To Create a Business Email Address

If you want to set your business up for success within any professional industry, it’s essential to have a business mail account. Let’s take a look at how you can create a professional email address to get your business communications off to the right start.
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1. Select a web hosting/domain provider:

You can choose a good website hosting provider that includes business email addresses as part of the package, such as Bluehost or HostGator. Alternatively, you can consider just a domain with professional emails included, like IONOS or Zoho.

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